Trader's Dilemma: Justice League: The New Frontier

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Well kids, we've got here what I'd like to call a wait-for-trader's dilemma. I want to buy trades almost exclusively? Check. I don't really have a good place to keep or display floppy single issues? Check.

But we all know I loved the Absolute DC: New Frontier and I'm eager to read the Justice League: New Frontier special coming out in March. What to do? Will it be collected one day, like in a Darwyn Cooke tribute trade? Will it be folded into new editions of Absolute New Frontier? To buy, or not to buy?

What would you do? Ever had a problem like this with another comic?
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  1. I'd probably buy it - getting a 2nd copy of Absolute NF is an expensive proposition, even if they do reprint the special... PLUS if Darwyn Cooke does more of these specials, there may be more trades/absolute editions:)

  2. I was too cheap to pay for the Absolute edition. I love my two trades that I have so buying waiting for a third edition to come out is out of the question for me. I will be buying this special when it comes out for sure.

    I am with dkazaz - I am sure the New Frontier universe has more stories coming.

  3. I feel your pain. My favorite low-profile DC character is Zauriel and my favorite DC character is Green Lantern. These two characters intersect in the Day of Judgment crossover, which is a crucial part of the fall of Hal Jordan that was never collected into trade. Additionally, the second half of Zauriel's backstory is the JLA: Paradise Lost miniseries that Millar did, picking up where JLA: American Dreams leaves off. It too was never collected into trade.

    My solution? It turns out they have these sleeves that hold a standard comic which will fit into a 3-ring binder. So I bought a bunch of them, backing boards, and a D-ring binder (because O-ring would damage them). Now they live in that binder on the same shelf with my trades.

  4. I'd grab it. I doubt there'd be a new edition of the Absolute version, and if they ever did collect it it'd be together with some other Justice League stories, like a new volume of Greatest JLA Stories Ever Told or something.