Odds and Ends for 7-26-07

Thursday, July 26, 2007

You'll have heard by now that DC's Wildstorm had received the license to publish Heroes ... whether this will lead to original Heroes comics, I'm not sure, but how great is it that this will start with a graphic novel collection of the online Heroes comics? Never before published comics (if you will), originally published in collected form? Yay, graphic novels!

(And in other Heroes news, don't miss that Zachary Quinto's lined up to play Spock in the new Star Trek movie.)

Meanwhile, this Newsarama article on the consumer cost of the Countdown crossovers is just depressing. I mention here in part to hold on to this, so as to compare the costs of the trades of the same after all is said and done. I will say, as impressed as I was with the Countdown to Infinite Crisis miniseries, the Countdown to Final Crisis is just getting ridiculous. Lord Havok and the Extremists? I mean, come on.* Again, look for a price comparison somewhere down the line.

New reviews coming this weekend. Thanks for reading!

* Though, don't forget who once took on the identity of Lord Havok ...
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