DC Comics Trade Solicitations

August 2023
Final Batgirls, Tim Drake: Robin, Batman & Robin Eternal Omnibus, Power Girl Returns, Ghost-Maker/Clownhunter, Dead Boy Detectives Omnibus, DCeased Deluxe, DC Horror: Sgt. Rock vs. Army of the Dead

July 2023
GCPD: Blue Wall, Gotham: Year One, Batman Inc. Vol. 1, DCeased: Undead Gods, Superman: Kal-El Returns and vs. Meshi, Joker War paperbacks and Man Who Stopped Laughing Vol. 1, Batman Adventures Omnibus

June 2023
Lazarus Planet with Monkey Prince and Wonder Woman tie-ins, Batman Vol. 2 by Zdarsky, Detective Comics Vol. 1 by Ram V, new WildCATs Vol. 1, Detective Comics Omnibus by Tomasi, Blue Beetle: Graduation Day

May 2023
Flash Vol. 18 Dark Crisis Tie-In, Batman vs. Robin, Crisis on Multiple Earths Book Three, Sandman Helm Masterpiece Edition, Superman: Camelot Falls Deluxe, Swamp Thing: Green Hell, Green Lantern Corps Omnibus

April 2023
Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths collections, Black Adam, DC Pride: New Generation, Power of Shazam Book 2 and New Champion, Wonder Woman Historia, Poison Ivy, Steel 30th Anniversary, Gotham Academy

March 2023
Absolute Superman for All Seasons, Batman: One Bad Day: Riddler and Box Set, Jurassic League, Superman 85th Anniversary and Space Age, Justice League Vol. 3 by Bendis, Shazam!: Power of Hope, Blood Syndicate

February 2023
Batman/Spawn Deluxe, Flash movie tie-ins, Sandman Mystery Theatre Compendium and Nightmare Country, DCeased: War of Undead Gods, Batman by Zdarsky, Deathstroke Year One, Multiversity: Teen Justice

January 2023
Batman/Superman: World's Finest, Joker Vol. 3, Absolute Dark Nights: Death Metal, Nice House on the Lake Vol. 2, Superman: Warworld Revolution, Batgirls Vol. 2, Adam Strange Deluxe, DC by McDuffie

December 2022
Absolute Batman: Three Jokers, Black Adam — Justice Society Case Files, Aquaman: Andromeda and 80 Years, Monkey Prince, Milestone Compendium Two, Batman Beyond: Neo-Year, Batman: Urban Legends Vol. 4

November 2022
Batman: Killing Time, Batman/Catwoman, Detective Comics: Shadows of the Bat, Dark Nights: Metal Omnibus, Justice League vs. Legion, Suicide Squad: Blaze, Earth-Prime, Nubia: Queen of Amazons, Deathbed, Joker's Asylum

October 2022
Death of Superman 30th and Birthright Deluxe, Aquaman, Arkham City, Flashpoint Beyond, Wonder Woman: Earth One Complete, Young Justice Book Six, World of Krypton, One-Star Squadron

September 2022
Batman: Shadow War, Catwoman: Lonely City, Batgirls Vol. 1, Wonder Woman: Evolution, Tales of the Amazons, Refrigerator Full of Heads, Teen Titans Academy Vol. 2: Exit Wounds

August 2022
Trial of the Amazons, War for Earth-3, Justice League Incarnate, Batman: Detective Comics: Arkham Rising, Being Robin, Punchline, Dark Knights of Steel, DC vs. Vampires, Phantom Stranger Omnibus

July 2022
Batman: One Dark Knight, I Am Batman and Harley Quinn Fear State, Joker Puzzlebox, Robin & Batman by Lemire, Wonder Girl: Homecoming, Deathstroke Inc., Superman: Action Comics Vol. 2: Arena

June 2022
Batman Vol. 6: Abyss, Secret Files and Earth One Complete Collection, Superman '78, Black Manta, Infinite Frontier Suicide Squad Vol. 2, Supergirl by Tom King, New Teen Titans Vol. 14

May 2022
Black Adam: Rise and Fall, Nightwing and Detective Comics: Fear State, Batman '89, Justice League: Last Ride, Justice League Dark backups, Checkmate, Static: Season One, Justice League Infinity

April 2022
Bendis Justice League Vol. 1, Superman: Son of Kal-El Vol. 1, Batman: Urban Legends Vol. 2, Aquaman: The Becoming, Crush & Lobo, Doom Patrol by Pollack, Catwoman: Fear State, Midnighter, Batman: Reptilian

March 2022
Batman: Fear State Saga, DC Pride 2021, Future State: Gotham V1, Talon and Nice House on the Lake by Tynion, Black Label Suicide Squad: Get Joker, Mister Miracle: Source of Freedom, Who's Who Omnibus Vol. 2

February 2022
Batman Vol. 5: Fear State, Robin Vol. 1: Lazarus Tournament, Milestones in History, Question by O'Neil and Cowan, Legion: 5YL Omnibus Vol. 2, Static: Season 1, 1990s New Gods Book Two, New Teen Titans Vol. 13

January 2022
Infinite Frontier, Action Comics Vol. 1: Warworld Rising, Batman: Imposter and Detective, Nice House on the Lake Vol. 1, Black Adam Box Set, Catwoman of East End Omnibus, Beast Boy Loves Raven HC

December 2021
Detective Comics Vol. 1: The Neighborhood, Milestone Compendium One, Crime Syndicate, Legion: Before the Darkness Vol. 2, Static Season One, Absolute Dark Nights: Metal and Doomsday Clock

November 2021
Batman: Urban Legends Vol. 1, Rorschach and Strange Adventures by King, Teen Titans Academy Vol. 1, Crisis on Multiple Earths Book Two, Flintstones Deluxe by Russell, Wonder Woman: Afterworlds

October 2021
Justice League: Endless Winter, Post-Future State Suicide Squad, Superman and the Authority, Batman: Dark Knight Detective Vol. 6, Swamp Thing by Ram V, new Batman: Long Halloween

September 2021
Far Sector, Milestone Compendium One, Other History of the DC Universe, Joker Vol. 1, Flash Vol. 15: Finish Line, Sandman Deluxe Book Four, American Vampire 1976, Batgirl of Burnside Omnibus

August 2021
Justice League: Death Metal, Next Batman: Second Son, Batman: The World, Batman Vol. 4: Cowardly Lot, Detective Comics Vol. 6: Road to Ruin, Suicide Squad: Greatest Shots

July 2021
Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point HC, Absolute Fourth World Vol. 2, Starman Compendium, Aquaman 80th, Joker/Harley: Criminal Sanity HC, Batman: Court of Owls Deluxe

June 2021
Future State: Dark Detective, Taylor's Suicide Squad: Bad Blood, Wonder Woman 80 Years, Green Lantern Season 2 Vol. 2, Sandman Deluxe Book 3

May 2021
Future State: Next Batman, Justice League, Superman; DC Generations, Batman: Earth One Vol. 3, DCeased: Hope at World's End, Green Lantern John Stewart 50 Years

April 2021
Dark Knights: Death Metal: War of the Multiverses, Flash: Death of Iris West, Flash Age, Batman by Ridley, Bendis final Superman, Justice League: Galaxy of Terrors

March 2021
Dark Knights: Death Metal: The Darkest Knight, Orlando's Wonder Woman, Taylor's Suicide Squad and DCeased: Dead Planet, DiDio's Metal Men, New Gods: Bloodlines

February 2021
Batgirl, Nightwing, Red Hood Joker War tie-ins, Dark Nights: Death Metal Deluxe, Who’s Who Omnibus, Constantine: Rise and Fall by Taylor, Morrison’s Wonder Woman: Earth One Vol. 3

January 2021
Joker War Saga, Harley Quinn and the Birds of Prey, Green Arrow: 80 Years, Batman: Gotham Knights Vol. 2, Wonder Comics Amethyst, Swamp Thing: New 52 Omnibus

December 2020
Batman: Joker War, Young Justice finale, JSA: Demise of Justice, Legion: Before the Darkness, Wonder Woman by Loebs Book Two, Crisis on Multiple Earths

November 2020
Batman: City of Bane Complete, The Green Lantern Season Two by Morrison, Shazam and the Seven Magic Lands by Johns, DC Through the '80s and Twilight of the Gods

October 2020
Batman: Three Jokers HC, Wonder Woman: Death Earth HC, Lois Lane by Rucka, Underworld Unleashed 25th Anniversary, Supergirl: Infectious, Detective Comics Omnibus by Tynion

September 2020
Detective #1027 Deluxe, Batman Vol. 1 by Tynion, Batman: Knight Out by Dixon, Jimmy Olsen by Fraction, Doomsday Clock Complete, Hard Time by Gerber, New Teen Titans Omnibus Vol. 5

August 2020
Post-Crisis Flash by Baron and Messner-Loebs, Robin: 80 Years, Power of Shazam! by Ordway, Green Lantern: Earth One Vol. 2, Batman: Road to No Man's Land Omnibus, Aquaman by Skeates/Aparo

June 2020
DCeased: Unkillables, Batman Vol. 13: City of Bane Part 2, Deathstroke: RIP, Legion of Super-Heroes by Bendis, Flash #750 Deluxe, Batman by Dini Omnibus, Sandman Universe Hellblazer

May 2020
Justice League Vol. 5: Justice/Doom War, Flash Forward, Year of the Villain TPs, Justice League International Omnibus Vol. 2, Legion: Five Years Later Omnibus, Sandman Deluxe

April 2020
Doomsday Clock Part Two, Crisis on Infinite Earths: Arrowverse, Batman: Caped Crusader Vol. 4, Wonder Woman #750 Deluxe and William Messner-Loeb book, Superman Vol. 3: Truth Revealed HC

March 2020
Batman Vol. 12: City of Bane Part One, Last Knight on Earth by Snyder and Capullo, Superman: Up in the Sky by King and Kubert, New Gods by Conway, Batman/TMNT III, Joker: 80 Years

February 2020
Event Leviathan, Batman: Universe by Bendis, Alfred Pennyworth TP, Batman: Creature of the Night by Busiek, Year of the Villain Harley Quinn, Wonder Woman: Cheetah, Batman by Marv Wolfman

January 2020
Superman: Man of Steel Omnibus by Byrne, Legion of Super-Heroes: Road to Legion by Bendis, Justice League Quarterly TP, Tales from Dark Multiverse, Harley Quinn & the Gotham Girls, Batman: White Knight Deluxe

December 2019
Birds of Prey Movie Tie-Ins, Batman: Arkham: Black Mask and Zsasz, Gotham Knights, Green Arrow by Grell Omnibus, Bat and Cat: 80 Years, Harleen by Sejic, Injustice Vs. Masters of the Universe

November 2019
Wonder Woman: War of the Gods Omnibus, Mister Miracle by Englehart and Gerber, Justice League by Snyder Deluxe, Morrison's The Green Lantern Vol. 2, Batman Vol. 11

October 2019
Year of the Villain Omnibus, Batman 1989 Movie Adaptation Deluxe, Flash: Year One, Books of Magic 30th Anniversary, Aquaman: Sword of Atlantis Vol. 1, Wonder Twins

September 2019
Doomsday Clock Part One, Naomi Season One, Crisis on Infinite Earths Companion Vol. 3, Doom Patrol by Byrne, Wonder Woman by Wilson, Batwoman: Haunted Tides

August 2019
Heroes in Crisis and The Price, Booster Gold by Jurgens, Detective Comics Vol. 1 by Tomasi, Young Justice by Bendis, Wonder Woman by Simone Omnibus, Batman Who Laughs

July 2019
Bronze Age All-Star Comics and Justice League of America, DeConnick Aquaman, Batman: Black and White Omnibus, Wonder Woman by Rucka Vol. 3, Hitman's Greatest Hits

June 2019
Crisis on Infinite Earths Box Set, Batman Post-Rebirth Deluxe, Swamp Thing and Wonder Woman Walmart Giant Trades, Green Lantern by Morrison, Animal Man by Lemire Omnibus, Trials of Shazam

May 2019
Batman: Damned, Detective Comics #1000 Deluxe, Hawkman, Nightwing: Knight Terrors, Red Hood: Outlaw Vol. 1, Sandman Universe: Dreaming and Lucifer, Injustice Omnibus, Old Lady Harley

April 2019
"New Justice" Justice League Vol. 2, Justice League Odyssey Vol. 1, Wonder Woman and the Justice League Dark: Witching Hour, Batman: Faces in the Shadows Essential Edition, Outsiders by Winick Book One

March 2019
Zero Hour Omnibus, Batgirl of Burnside and Batman Eternal Omnibuses, Catwoman by Jones, Justice League: Drowned Earth, Justice League by Priest Deluxe, Action Comics by Bendis

February 2019
Batman vs Deathstroke, Batman Vol. 9: Tyrant Wing, Detective Comics: 80 Years of Batman, Catwoman by Balent Vol. 2, new Justice League Dark, classic New Teen Titans Vol. 10

January 2019
Batman: Year Three in Caped Crusader Vol. 2, Black Lightning '95, Superman by Bendis Vol. 1, New Justice Titans Vol. 5, Aquaman/Suicide Squad, Batman by Morrison Omnibus Vol. 2

December 2018
Batman: Troika, Metal Reordered, Mister Miracle by King, New Teen Titans Omnibus Vol. 4, Reverse-Flash, Deathstroke: World Tour by Wolfman, Wonder Woman by Simonson and Ordway

November 2018
Crisis on Infinite Earths Companion Vol. 2, Batman: Prodigal, Flash War, Animal Man 30th Anniversary, Batman Vol. 8: Cold Days, Harley vs. Apokolips, Snyder's New Challengers

October 2018
Mister Miracle, Batman: The Hush Saga Omnibus, Wonder Woman by Phil Jimenez, Aquaman: Search for Mera, Absolute Black Mirror, Young Justice Book Three, Justice League/Power Rangers

September 2018
Batman Vol. 7: The Wedding, Man of Steel by Bendis, Super Sons Omnibus, Shazam: Monster Society of Evil, Knightquest: The Crusade Vol. 2, Dark Knight Detective Vol. 2

August 2018
Justice League: No Justice, Batman: Knightfall 25th Anniversary and Wedding Album, Action Comics #1000 Deluxe, Impulse Omnibus, Winick's Titans

July 2018
Crisis on Infinite Earths Companion, Batman: Caped Crusader Vol. 1, Aquaman by David Book Two, New Teen Titans Vol. 9, Flash: Rogues: Captain Cold

June 2018
Superman Blue Vol. 1, Wonder Woman by Byrne Vol. 2, Red Hood New 52 Omnibus, Wildstorm: Michael Cray Vol. 1, Final Rebirth Birds of Prey and Blue Beetle

May 2018
Final Crisis Omnibus, Superman: Zero Hour, Aquaman: Tempest, DC/Young Animal: Milk Wars, Mystik U, Elseworlds: Batman, Deathstroke by Daniel Omnibus

April 2018
Action Comics #1000, Batman by Morrison Omnibus Vol. 1, Titans: Total Chaos, Deathstroke Vol. 4 (Wolfman), Legionnaires Book Two, Zero Hour HC

March 2018
Dark Nights: Metal, Resistance, Nightmare Batmen; Batman: Dark Night Detective Post-Crisis; Kamandi Challenge; Absolute Killing Joke

February 2018
Justice League Task Force, Action Comics #1000: 80 Years, Wonder Woman by Perez Omnibus Vol. 3, Dark Days: Road to Metal, All-Star Batman Vol. 3: The First Ally

January 2018
Batman: Knightfall Omnibus Vol. 3: Knightquest, Superman: The Oz Effect Deluxe, Aquaman and Young Justice by Peter David, Nightwing Vol. 7 by Chuck Dixon, DC Meets Looney Tunes

December 2017
Superman: Exile and Other Stories Omnibus, Superboy by Kesel, Aquaman: Waterbearer, Batman: Shadow of the Bat Vol. 3, Black Lightning, final Green Arrow by Grell

November 2017
New Teen Titans Vol. 8, Batman: Arkham

October 2017
Aquaman: Atlantis Chronicles, Detective Comics and Justice League of America Rebirth Deluxe, Titans: Lazarus Contract, Odyssey of Amazons, Two-Face: 75 Years, Batwoman Rebirth

September 2017
Flash by Mark Waid Vol. 3, Green Lantern Kyle Rayner, Wonder Woman and the Justice League: Judgment Day, Justice League Detroit, Super Sons, Batman: Hush 15th Anniversary

August 2017
Batman/Flash: The Button Deluxe, Superman Reborn, Batman and Robin by Tomasi, Catwoman by Balent, DC Meets Hanna-Barbera, Legion by Abnett, Night Force by Wolfman

July 2017
Batman: Knightfall Omnibus Vol. 2: Knightquest, Clayface, Batgirl Stephanie Brown Vol. 1, Grayson Omnibus, Justice League: Darkseid War Omnibus, Harley Quinn by Kesel and Dodson

June 2017
Justice League by Giffen and DeMatteis, Batman: Caped Crusader Post-Crisis, Dixon Nightwing Vol. 6 and Robin Vol. 4, DC Rebirth Omnibus Extended Edition

May 2017
Justice League vs. Suicide Squad, Superboy and the Legion, Action Comics Rebirth Deluxe, New Teen Titans Omnibus New Edition

April 2017
Batman: Zero Hour, Suicide Squad: Phoenix Gambit, Green Arrow: Hunt for Red Dragon, Wonder Woman: Year One

March 2017
Batman: Legacy, Superman Triangle Titles, Flash by Mark Waid Book Two, Young Justice Book One

February 2017
Wonder Woman by Perez Vol. 2, Wonder Woman and JLA, Rebirth Batgirl, Harley Quinn, Titans

January 2017
Knightfall Omnibus, Batman: Night of the Monster Men, Rebirth Wonder Woman: The Lies, Batgirl 50 Years

November 2016
Flash by Mark Waid, Ostrander Suicide Squad Vol. 5, Legends of Tomorrow Firestorm, Metal Men, and Metamorpho, Batman: Death and the Maidens Deluxe

October 2016
DC Rebirth Deluxe Hardcover, Batman Vol. 10, DC/Dark Horse: Justice League, Absolute Wonder Woman by Azzarello, Sugar and Spike

September 2016
DC Rebirth Omnibus and Specials, Absolute Infinite Crisis, Elseworlds Batman, Watchmen Noir

August/September 2016
Arrow: Dark Archer, Batman: Bloom, Omega Men, Superman: Lois & Clark

July/August/September 2016
Death of Superman, Suicide Squad: Janus Directive, Absolute Batman Year One, Aquaman: Sub-Diego Vol. 2, Elseworlds Justice League

June/July/August 2016
Starman Omnibus Vol. 3, Shadow of the Bat, Batman by Alan Brennert, Deathstroke, Prez

April/May/June 2016
Wonder Woman by Deodato, Grell Green Arrow Vol. 5, Supergirl by Peter David

March/April/May 2016
DC/Aliens, Elseworlds Batman, Superman: Supergirl Saga, Black Lightning

February/March/April 2016
Coloring DC, Batman: Contagion, Wonder Woman: War of the Gods, Robin War, Gotham Central Omnibus

February/March 2016
DC You, Prez, Constantine, Birds of Prey, Azrael, Green Lantern by Johns Omnibus Vol. 3

January/February 2016
Batgirl Cassandra Cain, Batman by Brubaker, Black Mirror Noir, Grayson Vol. 2

November/December 2015
Batman Eternal, Green Arrow by Jeff Lemire Deluxe, Phantom Stranger

October/November 2015
Convergence, Batman: Road to No Man's Land, Birds of Prey, Secret Six

September/October 2015
Multiversity Deluxe, Absolute Green Lantern/Green Arrow, Suicide Squad, Deathstroke Book and Mask

August/September 2015
Batman/Joker: Endgame, Green Lantern: Godhead, Wonder Woman by Finch, Teen Titans by Pfeifer, Lobo

July/August 2015
Aquaman: Sub-Diego, Batman: Second Chances, Absolute Court of Owls, Wonder Woman by Perez, America vs. Justice Society

June/July 2015
Pre-Convergence trades, Gotham Academy, Grayson, Green Lantern by Johns Omnibus Vol. 2, Legends of the Dark Knight: Norm Breyfogle

May/June 2015
Superdoom, Batman: Hunt for Robin, Arkham: Riddler, Earth 2: World's End, JLA Vol. 7

April/May 2015
Deathstroke by Wolfman, post-Crisis Superman vs. Darkseid, Batman: Earth One Vol. 2, Deluxe Dial H

March/April 2015
Batman Snyder "lost issues," DC Essentials, Azzarello's Wonder Woman ends

February/March 2015
Futures' End tie-ins, Superman: Doomed, Secret Six, Orion Omnibus

December 2015/January
Batman v. Superman, Wolfman/Deathstroke, Ostrander/Suicide Squad, Dixon/Nightwing

December 2014
Superman: Earth One, Showcase Presents: Blue Beetle, Futures' End tie-ins

November 2014
Absolute Green Arrow by Kevin Smith, Futures End and Batman Eternal, Nightwing by Chuck Dixon, Spectre

October 2014
Futures End: Five Years Later Omnibus, Simone's Batgirl ends, Superman Unchained, Identity Crisis Tenth Anniversary

September 2014
Green Arrow by Grell Vol. 2, Teen Titans: Earth One, JSA Omnibus Vol. 2, Gotham City Sirens, Batman/Superman

August 2014
Batman Anniversary editions, Arkham Asylum, Zero Year, Gordon of Gotham, Martian Manhunter, Harley Quinn

July 2014
Forever Evil and Justice League tie-ins, Blight, Absolute Batman, Inc. Flash Omnibus, Katana, Captain Carrot

June 2014
Absolute Batman: Haunted Knight, Batman: Fugitive, Brightest Day Omnibus, Batman and Joker 75th Anniversary, Green Lantern Corps to paperback, Vibe

May 2014
Damian: Son of Batman, Larfleeze, Starlin's Stormwatch, Soule's Swamp Thing, JH Williams's Batman, Showcase Presents the Great Disaster

September 2013
Superman: Celebration of 75 Years, Death of the Family, Deadshot

August 2013
Joker: Death of the Family, DC One Million Omnibus, Necessary Evil, Legion cancelled

July 2013
Batman: Death of the Family, Justice League: Throne of Atlantis, Nightwing, Jim Aparo

June 2013
Absolute Luthor/Joker, Avoiding Spoilers, Marvel/comiXology, and More Odds and Ends

May 2013
Crisis on Multiple Earths, Brubaker Catwoman, Archie Goodwin, and Before Watchmen

April 2013
I, Vampire and Impulse cancelled, Deluxe Solo, Stormwatch Vol. 2

March 2013
Legion Worlds, Batman: Archie Goodwin, Superman: Secret Identity and Batman: Year 100

February 2013
New Teen Titans Omnibus Vol. 3, Crisis on Multiple Earths Vol. 6, and more

January 2013
Absolute Blackest Night, Batman: Night of the Owls, Animal Man Vol. 4, and more

December 2012
Nothing for December, new round for January

November 2012
Nothing in December?

August 2012
Dark Knight: Alan Davis, Green Arrow, Knightsend and more

July 2012
Absolute Final Crisis with new material, and more

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