Review: Flash Vol. 19: The One-Minute War trade paperback (DC Comics)

As is too often the case, this run is about over just as it’s getting good. Jeremy Adams' tenure has been an overall improvement on Flash of recent years, even if the quality hasn’t been even issue to issue. But when it’s working, it’s working, and Flash Vol. 19: The One-Minute War is on point.

Above all else, this reads like one of Mark Waid’s classic, epic Flash events, “Terminal Velocity” or “Dead Heat” or the like, which is good company to be in. As with Dark Crisis, what with the return of the Justice Society and all the Young Justice characters and etc., indeed Adams' story feels like it fits in the Waid/Geoff Johns era, like the DCU and the Flash family are finally in a place where the adventures seamlessly connect with DC’s pre-Flashpoint continuity.