Review: Batman: Detective Comics Vol. 9: Deface the Face trade paperback (DC Comics)

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Wednesday, April 24, 2019

James Robinson returns for a Detective Comics Batman story that, cards on the table, is entertaining and well-done and even coincides with goings on in Tom King's Batman, but seems mainly just an inventory story to bridge the gap till new ongoing writer Peter Tomasi's run starts. The title of Robinson's Batman: Detective Comics Vol. 9: Deface the Face would seem to suggest it's a sequel to Robinson's 2006 Batman: Face the Face, both of which involved Two-Face, but it's not, at least not explicitly. I do believe there's some connections to be made between the two, but Deface can be read so independently that connections to Face can't necessarily be called a reason to pick up this book.

For a fill-in story, we could do a whole heck of a lot worse. I liked this volume, but a discerning reader would have to decide whether they want to stop over here or just proceed to when Tomasi comes on.

DC Trade Solicitations for July 2019 - Bronze Age All-Star Comics and Justice League of America, DeConnick Aquaman, Batman: Black and White Omnibus, Wonder Woman by Rucka Vol. 3, Hitman's Greatest Hits

Sunday, April 21, 2019

The big surprise for me in DC Comics' July 2019 trade paperback and hardcover solicitations is All-Star Comics: Only Legends Live Forever; this is not previously uncollected material, but it does feel like an unexpected nod to the Justice Society at a time when those characters have been off the stands for a while. Justice League of America: The Last Survivors of Earth! is another one that is not new material, but still the validation that collections of this kind of stuff is not dead and gone — especially since these are both squarely Bronze Age books — is nice to see. The big hope is that the All-Star book sells well and we get into collections of All-Star Squadron and Infinity, Inc. (again).

What else? The Rebirth Suicide Squad and Curse of Brimstone and Sideways all take a bow. We've got the first volume of Kelly Sue DeConnick's new run on Aquaman, and then various reprints — Wonder Woman by Greg Rucka Vol. 3, which I know many of you are glad to see; the second paperback Orion cutdown from the omnibus; and a Hitman piecemeal collection that I can't really understand (versus an omnibus or etc.). So not a whole lot happening in these listings, DC taking a summer break of sorts ...

Let's take a look at the full list.

Absolute Death New Edition HC

Collects Death: The High Cost of Living and Death: The Time of Your Life, plus Sandman #8 ("The Sound of Her Wings") and #20 ("Facade"), "Death and Venice" from Sandman: Endless Nights, and the never-collected stories "Winter's Tale" and "The Wheel." Introduction by Amanda Palmer.

All-Star Comics: Only Legends Live Forever TP

Though most of this has already been collected, this is a nice nod to the Justice Society at a time when they're relatively absent from the DC Universe. This is All-Star Comics #58-74, the 1970s revival of All-Star, picking up the numbering from the 1950s when the Justice Society was sidelined and the book became All-Star Western. Issue #74 marks the book's end with the DC Implosion, but Adventure Comics #461-466 is a set of follow-up stories, plus an origin story from DC Special #29. Previously collected in two full-color Justice Society volumes in the early 2000s and a Showcase Presents black-and-white volume, it's now all in one book. Features the debut of Power Girl and Huntress and the death of the Earth-2 Batman.

Aquaman Vol. 1: Unspoken Water TP

The first collection of the new Kelly Sue DeConnick run, issues #43-47 in paperback.

Batman: Black and White Omnibus HC

Stories from Batman: Black and White #1-4, Batman: Black and White Vol. 2, Gotham Knights #17-49, and Batman: Black and White (2013) #1-6.

Batman: Death of the Family Saga TP

Previously billed as an Essential Edition, I think, this is the Batman issues plus tie-ins: Batman #13-17, Batgirl #14-16, Nightwing #15-16, Batman and Robin #15-16, and pages from Batgirl #13, Nightwing #14, Red Hood and Outlaws #14-15, and Teen Titans #16.

Batman: Kings of Fear HC

The new six-issue miniseries drawn by Kelley Jones and written by Scott Peterson.

Batman: Nightwalker: The Graphic Novel TP

Graphic novel by Marie Lu and Christian Wildgoose, based on Lu's YA novel. I really, really enjoyed Wildgoose's art on Hope Larson's Batgirl and I'm sure he'll be excellent here.

Batman/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II TP

Issues #1-7 from DC and IDW. Given all the different iterations of these characters, seems James Tynion and Freddie Williams could do this forever; surely Batman Beyond and the Justice League are overdue to get in on the action.

The Curse of Brimstone Vol. 2: Ashes TP

Issues #7-12 and the Annual #1, the end of the Justin Jordan series.

The Flash by Geoff Johns Book Six TP

This goes farther than the original Flash by Geoff Johns Omnibus hardcovers, being now Johns' Barry instead of his Wally. This should contain Flash: Rebirth #1-6, Blackest Night: The Flash #1-3, and Flash #1-6. Johns still has Flash #8-12 and Flashpoint, likely for a seventh and final volume.

Harley &Amp; Ivy Meet Betty &Amp; Veronica TP

Six-issue miniseries by Paul Dini, Marc Andreyko, Laura Braga, and Adriana Melo, with covers by Amanda Conner.

Hitman's Greatest Hits TP

Given that Hitman is already fully collected, I'd think what fans would want is an omnibus or Absolute edition, not necessarily a "greatest hits," but this is Demon Annual #2; Hitman #4-7, #13-14, and #34, and JLA/Hitman #1-2, by Garth Ennis and John McCrea.

Justice League of America: The Last Survivors of Earth! TP

These stories have already been collected as part of the Justice League of America: The Bronze Age omnibuses, and were set to be re-released in paperback as Justice League of America: The Bronze Age Vol. 1. I've been taking a wait-and-see approach with rumors that DC is drastically changing their collections policies, as for instance that Bronze Age volume is cancelled, but is now being released as a "titled" volume, Justice League of America: The Last Survivors of Earth!. Possibly this is a backstop against low sales; if a "collections series" can't continue, at least this no longer has "Volume 1," "Volume 2," etc. on it.

This was the start of the "Satellite Era," and includes appearances by Snapper Carr and Red Tornado.

Justice: The Deluxe Edition HC

Deluxe-size hardcover of the 12-issue miniseries by Alex Ross, Jim Krueger, and Doug Braithwaite. With bonus material; now seems as good a time as any to release a Legion of Doom tale.

The Kitchen New Edition TP

New collection of the eight-issue 2014 Vertigo miniseries series by Ollie Masters and Ming Doyle, ahead of the new movie.

Orion by Walter Simonson Book Two TP

Issues #12-25 of the Walt Simonson series; should be with the back-up stories and other extras. Includes a Joker: Last Laugh tie-in and a Captain Marvel/Shazam! appearance.

Powers Vol. 6 New Edition TP

Issues #1-11 of the third iteration of Powers, by Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Avon Oeming.

The Sandman Vol. 11: Endless Nights 30th Anniversary Edition TP

Newly branded as volume 11, this was one of Neil Gaiman's graphic novel follow-ups to the series.

Scooby-Doo Team-Up: Doomed! TP

Supergirl, Swamp Thing, and Metamorpho. Sholly Fisch is a national treasure.

The Secret Spiral of Swamp Kid TP

Kirk Scoggs' DC Zoom graphic novel about a kid Swamp Thing. It'd be great if this kid was not actually Swamp Thing, but rather could meet Swamp Thing in the course of his adventures.

Sideways Vol. 2: Rifts and Revelations TP

Issues #7-13 and the annual, the final issues of the series. With guest-writing by Grant Morrison and appearances by the Seven Soldiers and other significant multiversal characters.

Suicide Squad Vol. 8: Constriction TP

The final collection of Rob Williams' Rebirth Suicide Squad, collecting issues #41-44, #47-50, and the Annual #1. That's skipping the "Sink Atlantis" crossover with Aquaman, collected on its own.

Swamp Thing by Nancy A. Collins Omnibus HC

First ever collection of novelist Nancy Collins run on Swamp Thing, issues #110-139, Annuals #6-7, Black Orchid #5, and a story from Vertigo Jam #1. Following this would be Grant Morrison's and Mark Millar's runs, before the iteration of the title that included the Alan Moore run would be brought to a close.

Tales of the Batman: Gerry Conway Vol. 3 HC

Batman #349-359 and Detective Comics #515-526. This means the book includes the fourth part of the story that first introduced Killer Croc, Detective #526, which was missing from the Batman: Arkham: Killer Croc trade, plus the first pre-Crisis appearance of Jason Todd.

Watchmen: International Edition New Edition HC

"Features a new lenticular cover," it says. Do you think there's someone out there who's such a fan that they own every single different printing of Watchmen?

The Wild Storm Vol. 4 TP

Issues #19-24, the final trade of the series.

Wonder Woman by Greg Rucka Vol. 3 TP

Again, your patience has paid off (and then some), because here's Wonder Woman #218-226, completing this re-collection series, plus Blackest Night: Wonder Woman #1-3.

Wonder Woman Year One Deluxe Edition HC

A deluxe edition of just the past-set issues of Greg Rucka's Rebirth Wonder Woman run, with art by Nicola Scott in deluxe hardcover format. They should follow this with a collection of the sequentially ordered parts of the other half of the story in the same format. Issues #2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, and 14, plus a story from the Wonder Woman Annual #1.

Wonder Woman: The Golden Age Vol. 3 TP

The contents of this have shifted since the catalog solicitation and you all will have to tell me what makes more sense. It used to be Sensation Comics #49-71 and Wonder Woman #16-23; now it's Sensation Comics #25-36 and Wonder Woman #8-11, and Comic Cavalcade #6-8.

What's a must-buy for you here? Anything I overlooked? Chime in and sound off in the comments.

Review: Batman Vol. 9: The Tyrant Wing trade paperback (DC Comics)

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Wednesday, April 17, 2019

After a couple of more esoteric-leaning volumes, Tom King's Batman Vol. 9: The Tyrant Wing is a more accessible stopover as it goes, a pleasant respite if you will. That doesn't make it any less complex, however, and indeed Tyrant Wing starts back into the central mysteries of King's run, raising more questions than it answers. Batman Vol. 10 promises to be a big one, and this short volume (just three regular issues plus assorted specials) has surely whet my appetite for the next in October.

[Review contains spoilers]

"Batman finds out about Bane's plot" is the headline of this particular volume, though whether that's by accident or by design is just one of this book's many complications. This is a Penguin story, of sorts, in that Bane kills Penguin's paramour Penny (a penguin, apparently) such to express his disappointment with Penguin's work, and Penguin tells Batman about Bane in revenge. But all of that — Batman subsequently brutalizing Bane, tearing his way through the Gotham underworld, and alienating Jim Gordon — seems to be the outcome Bane wanted in order to further separate Batman from his allies.

Review: Catwoman Vol. 1: Copycats trade paperback (DC Comics)

Sunday, April 14, 2019

Location, location, location. Joelle Jones' Catwoman Vol. 1: Copycats doesn't offer a lot in terms of story that we haven't seen before, but it makes up for it in atmosphere. Jones relocates Selina Kyle to the fictional town of Villa Hermosa, California, Spanish-tinged and palm tree-d, a far cry from Gotham City. Selina's not actually looking for trouble, but with her mere presence trouble finds here, and the mix of casinos and pawn shops, high politics and drug deals, and clean and dirty cops is very much a winning one. Jones' series is distinctive, to be sure.

The reason that Selina has come to Villa Hermosa marks a big turn in this book. With that, as with many Rebirth series, Jones draws a direct line from Catwoman's pre-Flashpoint adventures to the present, leapfrogging the New 52 entirely. It's good, because it speaks to some of the strongest Catwoman material of the modern era, and bad, because linking to the past brings us a dose of the same old thing (not to mention also some significantly upsetting material) instead of orienting the book toward the future. Clearly Jones does a good job here and clearly she's writes and draws a respectful take on Catwoman; for the next volume, I'm hoping for bigger, more, and more surprises.

Review: The Unexpected: Call of the Unknown trade paperback (DC Comics)

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

The back cover of Unexpected: Call of the Unknown bills it as a "high-stakes supernatural adventure." That’s true enough, though in the midst of it what Unexpected is or is trying to be gets muddled. I give writer Steve Orlando credit for a book that tries to shuck genres, ranging from Gotham vigilantes to the wilds of Final Crisis, but the result is murky. In dealing with a lot of mystic esoterica, Orlando loses some of the human emotion to make us care about these characters; often we’re told and not shown what the characters are supposed to mean to us. Appealing cameos abound, but rarely again does the story stand still often enough to build real emotion from them. It’s unfortunate, because Unexpected offers a lot of connective tissue such that one could see it being the base from which to launch a "New Age of Heroes" crossover — but as it turns out, neither the done-in-one Unexpected nor many of its compatriots were strong enough for this to matter.

Review: Superman: Action Comics Vol. 1: Invisible Mafia hardcover/paperback (DC Comics)

Sunday, April 07, 2019

Brian Michael Bendis’ Superman: Action Comics Vol. 1: Invisible Mafia is more my speed, a superhero-tinged but largely down-to-earth workplace drama, akin in ways to Gotham Central or even TV’s ye olde Lois & Clark. It has a mitigating effect on Bendis’ Superman Vol. 1: The Unity Saga: Phantom Earth, which I found too action-focused to the detriment of forward plot. Taking both first volumes as a whole, however, they are excellent complements, offering together just about everything one could want from a Superman story.

There is material here that’s surely controversial, and Bendis’ take on Superman and his supporting cast won’t be for everyone. For me, I think Bendis is doing as well as he can with what I’m guessing he’s struggling with, and surely I’ll take a comic that challenges the reader over one that doesn’t any day. Add to that quite fine art by a trio of DC’s talents, and at the end of "round 1" I think the Brian Michael Bendis’ Superman era is off to a good start.

Review: Detective Comics: 80 Years of Batman Deluxe Edition hardcover (DC Comics)

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Wednesday, April 03, 2019

I was not as taken with Detective Comics: 80 Years of Batman as I was with last year's Action Comics: 80 Years of Superman. Title characters aside, they are very different books, seemingly due in large part to the twenty-six issues of Detective that preceded Batman's debut. There is an astounding amount of time here spent on not-Batman, and even if that perhaps better represents Detective than an all-Bat book would, the volume feels markedly disjointed at times. Equally, given what must have been the line around the block to write text pieces for this book, I found the essays here lacking as compared to Action, with much less contextualizing and less that felt very germane to Batman's history.

It's nice to spend time with some old friends here — Neal Adams, Dick Giordano, Steve Englehart, and Marshall Rogers, among others — but I was surprised not to feel as inspired finishing this one as I did its earlier companion.

Review: Detective Comics #1000 (DC Comics)

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Sunday, March 31, 2019

I did not like the Detective Comics: 80 Years of Batman book as much as I hoped I would — more on that soon — but I did find a lot to like in Detective Comics #1000, judging it on the whole a stronger book than Action Comics #1000 (where, conversely, I thought Action Comics: 80 Years of Superman was very good).

A team of largely current Bat-creators presented eleven stories that largely play to the strengths of those creators. In this way, Detective #1000 does not overreach nor try to repurpose "lost" material in ways that don't quite work. These are tributes to Batman — to his tragic origins, to his classic stories, to his Bat-family — and they are wholly satisfying; not all of them land, of course, but the success rate here is worth being proud of.

Review: Supergirl Vol. 3: Girl of No Tomorrow (Rebirth) trade paperback (DC Comics)

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Steve Orlando's Rebirth Supergirl Vol. 3: Girl of No Tomorrow improves upon the previous volume in that there's a greater sense of important things happening and more of the supporting cast utilized. The main story radically changes most every character in this book, which is good, though it all still seems a little thin.

I still believe this title's grave misstep was not using more of the supporting cast in Supergirl Vol. 2: Escape from the Phantom Zone, such that now when Supergirl faces loss and betrayal, the audience isn't significantly moved because there hasn't been  enough time spent establishing these characters' relationships. This series' similarity to the CW TV show is one of the best things about it, but I can't help thinking it's been leaning on that too heavily; we feel for what happens between Supergirl and these characters largely because we know them from elsewhere, not because of what happens on the page.

Batman: Gotham Knights, Aquaman: Sword of Atlantis, Justice League International, Suicide Squad by Giffen, Green Lantern/Green Arrow by O'Neil and Grell, Batman: Detective Comics: Arkham Knight, Swamp Thing by Collins, more in DC Comics Fall 2019 solicitations

Sunday, March 24, 2019

It's DC Comics' Fall 2019 catalog hardcover and trade paperback solicitations! Nothing from the eagerly awaited list this time around ("Titans Hunt" is another swing and a miss), but a few interesting books I'll be looking forward to.

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A couple that we already knew about include the very large Crisis on Infinite Earths Box Set, which we just talked about for DC's June 2019 solicitations and which includes both the "Crisis on Multiple Earths" stories and also all the tie-ins. Speaking of tie-ins, the previously cancelled Zero Hour 25th Anniversary Omnibus is also back, collecting the miniseries and all its tie-in issues. I'm also still eager for that Doom Patrol: The Bronze Age Omnibus, which includes the Doom Patrol's post-Crisis encounters with both Superman and the Suicide Squad, leading up to Invasion!.

Among some good surprises is Batman: Gotham Knights: Transference, collecting Devin Grayson's first Gotham Knights stories; if we had to lose the latter Gotham Knights material from the Hush Saga Omnibus, these issues are probably more worthy of trade. There's Green Lantern/Green Arrow by Denny O' Neil & Mike Grell Vol. 1, the stories that followed the famous "Hard-Traveling Heroes." Keith Giffen's short Suicide Squad run gets a trade, and also DC's collecting Giffen, J. M. DeMatteis, and Kevin Maguire's Justice League International again (maybe they'll complete it this time). Kurt Busiek's Aquaman: Sword of Atlantis might be collected in full; we also see the Batman: Family miniseries, a Batman Arkham: Black Mask trade that fills some gaps, a big collection starts off Peter Tomasi's Detective Comics run with Batman: Detective Comics Vol. 1: Arkham Knight, plus Jeph Loeb's Superman: The City of Tomorrow and Nancy A. Collins' Swamp Thing.

Keep reading for all the details. All of this information is subject to change before publication. Not all links may be functional yet.

80 Years of The Flash

Interestingly, the solicitation calls this Showcase: 80 Years of the Flash. One wonders if this will be solely a Flash collection or if it will have other Showcase Comics-related features a la the Detective Comics: 80 Years of the Batman book.

Absolute Art of Adam Hughes

Slipcased Absolute edition.

Absolute Batman: Arkham Asylum (30th Anniversary Edition)

Slipcase hardcover edition of the Grant Morrison/Dave McKean book.

Absolute Batman: The Dark Knight: The Master Race

Collects Dark Knight III: The Master Race #1-9, the insert comics reproduced at normal size, and Dark Knight Returns: The Last Crusade.

Absolute Death

Collects Death: The High Cost of Living and Death: The Time of Your Life, plus Sandman #8 ("The Sound of Her Wings") and #20 ("Facade"), "Death and Venice" from Sandman: Endless Nights, and the never-collected stories "Winter's Tale" and "The Wheel." Introduction by Amanda Palmer.

Absolute Swamp Thing by Alan Moore Vol. 1

Previously solicited and cancelled, this is now resolicited for October of 2019 (which is why sometimes I take cancellations with a grain of salt). Alan Moore's Swamp Thing #20-34 and Annual #2 in Absolute format. Brand new coloring, too — I think that's new coloring exclusive to this edition.

Adventures of the Super Sons Vol. 2

Issues #7-12 by Peter Tomasi and Carlo Barberi.

Animal Man by Jeff Lemire Omnibus

Say what you will about the New 52, but Jeff Lemire's Animal Man was a superb take on the character, right up there with Grant Morrison's, and totally worthy of this omnibus. With Buddy Baker not really bopping around the DCU right now, I'm glad to see him get this recognition. Lemire's Animal Man is also another great example of how to do horror in the DCU, something I found lacking reading the Rebirth Hellblazer series.

Aquaman Vol. 2

Issues #48-52 by Kelly Sue DeConnick and Robson Rocha.

Aquaman: Sword of Atlantis Book One

Only six issues of Kurt Busiek and Jackson Guice's swords-and-sorcery take on a young Aquaman were ever collected; though the direction didn't last, I enjoyed what I read of it. This collects Aquaman #40-49 of that post-Infinite Crisis era; Tad Williams went on to write another eight issues, which'll likely be collected in Book Two. I'm getting this, no question.

Batgirl Vol. 6

Issues #30-36 by new team of Mairghread Scott and Paul Pelletier.

Batman & Robin Aventures Vol. 4

Issues #26-31 and Annual #3 of the animated series tie-in comic.

Batman & Robin by Tomasi & Gleason Omnibus

The contents of this seem exactly the same as the 2017 release of this omnibus (this solicitation doesn't mention the annuals and some short stories, but I'm skeptical anything was removed). Seems like a re-release mainly, understandably, because Peter Tomasi is now writing Detective.

Batman and the Justice League Vol. 3

Third volume of the manga story by Mangaka Shiori Teshirogi.

Batman and the The Outsiders Vol. 1

Hopefully indeed the first collection of Bryan Hill and Dexter Soy's Batman and the Outsiders series, issues #1-6, due out in December. With Black Lightning, Katana, Signal, and Orphan Cassandra Cain.

Batman Arkham: Black Mask

This seems somewhat reaching with a collection of stories about Black Mask, but I'm sure it's sparked by his upcoming appearance in the Birds of Prey/Harley Quinn movie. The line-up's pretty good, too — collects Batman #386-387 and Detective Comics #553 (crossover, Black Mask's first appearances, by Doug Moench and Tom Mandrake on Batman and Moench and Klaus Janson on Detective), #484-485 (by Moench and Tom Grindberg, not so far off from "Knightfall"), #648 (an issue from Judd WInick's Red Hood-focused run, with Doug Mahnke), and Catwoman #16 (Selina's definitive confrontation with Black Mask, by Ed Brubaker and Cameron Stewart) and #83 (later Blackest Night tie-in by Tony Bedard).

Batman by Scott Snyder & Greg Capullo Omnibus Vol. 1

Well deserving of omnibus, this is "the first 33 issues" of Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo's Batman run, so the paperback volumes 1 through 5, to the end of "Zero Year." This run went through issue #52, so the second omnibus would be shorter than the first (though I agree with how they split it), though annuals and etc. have to be in there, too.

Batman Vol. 10: Knightmares

Issues #61-63 and #66-74 by Tom King and company, apparently now in hardcover, due in October, skipping over the "Price of Justice" crossover with Flash.

The Batman Who Laughs

Hardcover collection of the six-issue miniseries by Scott Snyder. I'd have to think the Batman: Grim Knight special is in there too.

Batman/Superman: The World's Finest Team-Ups

Surprised this isn't just volume one; seems DC could mine this for quite a while. We've got World's Finest Comics #6 (1942) and then Superman #168 and Detective Comics #756 (crossover by Jeph Loeb and Greg Rucka, from 2001), Superman #10-11 (Superman, Batman, Jon, and Damian, by Peter Tomasi, from 2016), and Batman #36-37 (Tom King's engagement issues, from 2017). Maybe there's more to this collection, but that's a heck of a spread that leaves a lot in the middle that could still be collected.

Batman: Black & White Omnibus

Stories from Batman: Black and White #1-4, Batman: Black and White Vol. 2, Gotham Knights #17-49, and Batman: Black and White (2013) #1-6.

Batman: Damned

Hardcover collection of the controversial three-issue Black Label miniseries by Brian Azzarello and Lee Bermejo.

Batman: Death of the Family Saga

Previously billed as an Essential Edition, I think, this is the Batman issues plus tie-ins: Batman #13-17, Batgirl #14-16, Nightwing #15-16, Batman and Robin #15-16, pages from Batgirl #13, Nightwing #14, Red Hood and Outlaws #14-15, and Teen Titans #16.

Batman: Detective Comics Vol. 1: Arkham Knight

I'm not so sure about the story yet, but I've got to say, this feels like the way to do a #1000 issue — not, as with Action Comics, just a special that didn't necessarily tie in to ongoing comics (short of the Bendis story, which felt kind of light), but instead something that continues straight from and straight into the comics around it. This hardcover collects Peter Tomasi and Doug Mahnke's Detective Comics #994-999, a story from issue #1000, and then #1001-1006. Twelve-plus issues is heady; that makes me much more excited about this than I was.

Batman: Eternal Omnibus

This was a giant Batman weekly. In the final tally I liked it a lot, but it was huge, and especially reading it three trades (the amount of material, consider that fills seven or eight trades regularly) made it feel unending. Omnibus buyers will get their money's worth.

Contextually, the book follows Forever Evil and ends just before Batman: Endgame; with contributions by Scott Snyder, James Tynion, and Tim Seeley, the series seems an oft-forgotten piece of Snyder's run (except now getting this new collection). The series closed also just before the New 52 became DC You, and there's lots of proto-DC You material here if you were a fan of that era -- lead-ins to a more grounded Catwoman, Gotham by Midnight, etc., as well as shades of Tynion's later Rebirth Detective Comics.

One wonders if maybe a Batman and Robin Eternal omnibus might be next, maybe with "Robin War" issues included.

Batman: Family

Eight-issue miniseries that ran during the "Hush" era, by John Francis Moore, with characters such as Spoiler, Orpheus, Black Canary, Huntress, Robin Tim Drake, Nightwing, and Oracle.

Batman: Gotham Adventures Vol. 1

A new edition of the previously collected Batman: Gotham Adventures tie-in to the animated series.

Batman: Gotham After Midnight 10th Anniversary Edition

Collects the 2008 horror miniseries by Steve Niles and Kelley Jones.

Batman: Gotham Knights: Transference

As recompense perhaps for the fact that we lost the Gotham Knight-spotlighting Hush Omnibus, here's Batman: Gotham Knights: Transference, collecting the first twelve issues of Devin Grayson's run (yes, I know Grayson's run is at the front end and the "Hush" issues were at the back end by A. J. Lieberman; it's the principle of the thing). Anyway, this is a long-woefully-uncollected slice of the post-"No Man's Land" Batman era by Grayson with art often by Dale Eaglesham, a Bat-family team book for people who don't like team books (as it was billed), including Nightwing, Oracle, Batgirl Cassandra Cain, Robin Tim Drake, Huntress, and Hugo Strange.

I'll be in line for this and hoping for another; Grayson's run goes to issue #32.

Batman: Hush (New Edition)

Well, we lost that Hush Omnibus and instead got another "Hush" paperback, collecting Batman #608-619. I'm good, thanks.

Batman: Nightwalker (The Graphic Novel)

Graphic novel by Marie Lu and Christian Wildgoose, based on Lu's YA novel. I really, really enjoyed Wildgoose's art on Hope Larson's Batgirl and I'm sure he'll be excellent here.

Batman: The Caped Crusader Vol. 3

Collects Batman #445-454, including "Penguin Affair" (crossover with Detective Comics #615, also collected here), which was the first appearance of Harold; plus NKVDemon and the Joker (first appearance since "Death in the Family") and Peter Milligan and Kieron Dwyer's "Dark Knight, Dark City" (which factored into both Grant Morrison's run and also Dark Nights: Metal). Also Batman Annual #14, a truly great Two-Face origin by Andrew Helfer and Chris Sprouse.

Batman: The Dark Prince Charming

Collection of the two-part miniseries by European comics creator Enrico Marini.

Batman: The Golden Age Vol. 6

Batman #21-25, Detective Comics #82-92, and World's Finest #12-14, where among other things Batman and Robin stop cattle rustlers.

Batman: The Killing Joke (New Edition)

Apparently the DC Black Label hardcover edition of Killing Joke.

Batman: Universe

Collection of the Walmart-exclusive Batman stories by Brian Michael Bendis and Nick Derington. Apparently the sequential first appearance of Young Justice's Jinny Hex.

Batman: Zero Year: The Complete Collection

Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo's "Zero Year" Batman origin story all in one paperback for the first time, issues #21-27 and #29-33 from the New 52 Batman.

Batwoman: Elegy New Edition

A new collection of the "Elegy" and "Go" stories, Detective Comics #854-857 and #858-860 respectively, early stories of Batwoman Kate Kane, by Greg Rucka and J. H. Williams. Glad to see all of this reprint material in time for (hopefully) the new CW series.

Batwoman: Haunted Tides

Collects issues #0-11 of the inaugural New 52 series by J. H. Williams and Hayden Blackman, the Batwoman Vol. 1: Hydrology and maybe also Batwoman Vol. 2: To Drown the World. This is a solid collection, seeming like one of those DC Essential Edition collections of earlier material under a new name, except this is likely timed for the Batwoman CW series instead.

Birds of Prey: Black Canary

Tying in to the new Birds of Prey movie, a collection of Brendan Fletcher and Annie Wu's entire DC You Black Canary series (previously collected in two trades), in which Dinah goes on the road as a rock star.

Birds of Prey: Harley Quinn

Appears to reprint the first issues of Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti's New 52 series, issues #1-7 and the Harley Quinn: Future's End tie-in.

Birds of Prey: Huntress

Greg Rucka's Batman/Huntress: Cry for Blood miniseries with Rick Burchett, in the wake of "No Man's Land."

Birds of Prey: Mystery & Murder

Gail Simone's debut on Birds of Prey, issues #56-67, being the Of Like Minds and Sensei and Student trades (short, perhaps, the one-off issue #68).

Black Canary: Ignite

DC Zoom graphic novel by Meg Cabot and Cara McGee.

Black Orchid

Seems to be a new edition of Neil Gaiman and Dave McKean's pre-Sandman series.

The Brave and the Bold: Batman and Wonder Woman

Paperback collection of the Liam Sharp miniseries.

Catwoman Vol. 2

Issues #7-12 by Joelle Jones.

Crisis on Infinite Earths Box Set

Holey moley. This is 14 Crisis-related hardcovers, being the six previously published Crisis on Multiple Earths paperbacks, now in hardcover, plus a Crisis on Infinite Earths hardcover, plus character-specific re-cuts of the recent Crisis on Infinite Earth Companion books. The re-cuts of the companion books are especially notable, because many decried the somewhat random groupings of the original companions, and now here they are more character-specific. It seems inevitable these books will be released individually, too, which might pique early adopters of the original companion books.

That's a lot of Crisis on Infinite Earths on the market, but then again, I think Crisis is going to be big come next November/December ...

Crisis on Multiple Earths Vol. 1
Justice League of America #21-22, #29-30, #37-38 and #46-47

Crisis on Multiple Earths Vol. 2
Justice League of America #55-56, #64-65, #73-74 and #82-83

Crisis on Multiple Earths Vol. 3
Justice League of America #91-92, #100-102, #107-108 and #113

Crisis on Multiple Earths Vol. 4
Justice League of America #123-124, #135-137 and #147-148

Crisis on Multiple Earths Vol. 5
Justice League of America #159-160, #171-172 and #183-185

Crisis on Multiple Earths Vol. 6
Justice League of America #195-197, #207-209 and All-Star Squadron #14-15

Crisis on Infinite Earths
Crisis on Infinite Earths #1-12

Crisis on Infinite Earths: All-Star Squadron
All-Star Squadron #50-60

Crisis on Infinite Earths: Green Lantern
Green Lantern #194-198, Legion of Super-Heroes #16 and #18, and Omega Men #31 and #33

Crisis on Infinite Earths: Justice League
Fury of Firestorm #41-42, Detective Comics #558, Wonder Woman #327-329, and New Teen Titans #13-14

Crisis on Infinite Earths: Legends
Losers Special #1, Swamp Thing #44 and #46, Legends of the DC Universe: Crisis on Infinite Earths #1, Blue Devil #17-18, and Amethyst #13

Crisis on Infinite Earths: Infinity, Inc.
Infinity, Inc. #18-25, Infinity, Inc. Annual #1, and Justice League of America #244-245

Crisis on Infinite Earths: Superman
DC Comics Presents #78, #86-88 and #94-95, Superman #413-415, and Justice League of America Annual #3

Crisis on Infinite Earths: Behind the Crisis
History of the DC Universe #1-2, pre-Crisis appearances of the Monitor, behind-the-scenes material, and more

Crisis on Infinite Earths Companion Deluxe Vol. 3

Collects Amethyst #13, Blue Devil #17-18, Wonder Woman #327-329, Swamp Thing #46, Legion of Super-Heroes #16 and #18, Superman #413 and #415, DC Comics Presents #87, #84, #88 and #95, Justice League of America Annual #3, and The Omega Men #31 and #33. I'd have liked to have seen History of the DC Universe here, since it's in the box set.

Damage Vol. 3

Online solicitations have this at issues #13-18 and Annual #1, but that'll just be till issue #16, the last of the Robert Venditti "New Age of Heroes" series.

DC Comics: The Art of Jim Lee Vol. 1

Previously solicited as "Graphic Ink: The DC Comics Art of Jim Lee," this new name certainly seems to brand it better. Said to collect work from Wildstorm on down to today.

DC Halloween Collection

With Tim Seeley, Bryan Hill, and James Tynion, among others.

DC Holiday Vol. 3

Seems to collect at least the DC Nuclear Winter Special, if not more.

DC Poster Portfolio: Frank Cho

Twenty covers, with Harley Quinn and Wonder Woman among others. Granted Cho engenders a lot of controversy, but some of his cross-hatch Harley Quinn covers have been particularly impressive.

DC Poster Portfolio: Jim Lee

Covers at 12 x 16, able to be pulled out and framed.

DC Super Hero Girls: At Metropolis High

DC Zoom by Amy Wolfram and Yancey Labat.

Deathstroke: Arkham

Issues #36-40 of Christopher Priest's ongoing Deathstroke series. This concludes just before the "Terminus Agenda" crossover with Teen Titans.

Dial H For Hero

Issues #1-6 from Brian Michael Bendis' Wonder Comics imprint, by Sam Humphries.

Diana: Princess of the Amazons

DC Zoom by Shannon and Dean Hale and Victoria Ying.

Doom Patrol: The Bronze Age Omnibus

Collects Showcase #94-96, DC Comics Presents #52, Daring New Adventures of Supergirl #7-9, Doom Patrol #1-18, Doom Patrol and Suicide Squad Special #1, Superman #20, Doom Patrol Annual #1, Secret Origins Annual #1, Superman Family #191-193, which follows from the Silver Age Doom Patrol collections and includes both pre-Crisis and post-Crisis stories.

While I haven't always gone for these "era" collections, the "Modern Age" part of this book has a lot of appeal to me, collecting the Doom Patrol's immediate post-Crisis appearances, including crossovers with John Byrne's Superman and John Ostrander's Suicide Squad, and ending with Invasion! tie-ins just before Grant Morrison's Vertigo run started.

Doomsday Clock

The Geoff Johns/Gary Frank miniseries, in hardcover and scheduled for November 2019.

The Dreaming Vol. 2

Issues #7-12 of the Sandman Universe series by Simon Spurrier and Bilquis Evely.

Female Furies

Cecil Castellucci's six-issue modern take on the Female Furies, with Adriana Melo.

The Flash by Geoff Johns Omnibus Vol. 1

The Flash #164-191, The Flash: Iron Heights #1, The Flash: Our Worlds at War #1, The Flash Secret Files and Origins #3 and DC First: Flash and Superman #1 by Geoff Johns, Scott Kolins, and company. This is the Wonderland, Blood Will Run, Rogues, and Crossfire trades, ending just before Blitz; there was previously a three-volume Flash by Geoff Johns Omnibus set, but this omnibus collects all of the first of those and half of the second (so maybe we're looking at a two-volume set now instead of three).

The Flash of Two Worlds Deluxe Edition

Deluxe reprinting of the Silver Age team-ups of Flashes Barry Allen and Jay Garrick. Collects Flash #123, #129, #137, #151, and #173.

The Flash Vol. 10: Force Quest

Issues #58-63 and #66-69 by Joshua Williamson, skipping over the "Price of Justice" crossover with Batman.

The Flash Vol. 11: No Hope

The solicitation describes the "Price of Justice" crossover with Batman, but this actually takes place well after that, with issues #76-81. The "Year One" story, collected separately, falls between this and Vol. 10.

The Flash: Reverse Warfare

This seems again rather like an Essential Edition that's lost the Essential Edition branding. This is the New 52 Flash #13-24 and #23.2 by Francis Manapul and Brian Buccellato, being the Vol. 3: Gorilla Warfare and Vol. 4: Reverse collections. This follows what was branded an Essential Edition, Manapul and Buccellato's Flash: Starting Line (issues #1-12); together these finish their joint run on Flash.

The Flash: Year One

Collecting the story from within Joshua Williamson's Flash ongoing, with art by Howard Porter. I can see why it would behoove DC to have books with "Year One" in the title for all their major properties and recently they rebranded Greg Rucka's inaugural Rebirth Wonder Woman run accordingly. But if this will be semi-tied to current events, like Tom King's Batman Vol. 4: Year of Jokes and Riddles, then I'd have preferred they put a volume number on it. Said to be issues #70-75.

Freedom Fighters Vol. 1: Death of a Nation

By Robert Venditti, presumably issues #1-6 of the 12-issue miniseries. I'd as soon see it collected all together.

Goddess Mode Vol. 1

Issues #1-6 of the Vertigo series by Zoe Quinn and Robbi Rodriguez.

Green Lantern by Geoff Johns Book Two

Green Lantern #4-20 by Geoff Johns, parts of the No Fear, Revenge of the Green Lanterns, and Wanted – Hal Jordan trades, ending just before the Sinestro Corps War crossover.

The Green Lantern Vol. 1: Intergalactic Lawman

Paperback of issues #1-6 by Grant Morrison and Liam Sharp.

The Green Lantern Vol. 2

Issues #7-12 in hardcover by Morrison and Sharp.

Green Lantern/Green Arrow by Denny O' Neil & Mike Grell Vol. 1

It seems high time these stories should be reprinted, a later-1970s string of Green Lantern/Green Arrow stories by Dennis O'Neil and Mike Grell — less political but still highly notable given the creative team. This says "Vol. 1," but is also said to collect Green Lantern/Green Arrow (formerly Green Lantern) #90-106, which is about all of these stories give or take one or two, so I'm not sure what would be in another volume.

Green Lantern: Legacy

DC Zoom title by Minh Le and Andie Tong.

Green Lantern: Rebirth Deluxe Edition

Deluxe edition of the six-issue Geoff Johns miniseries plus material from Green Lantern Secret Files and Origins #1.

Green Lantern: The Silver Age Vol. 4

Green Lantern #36-48, including Hal Jordan meeting Alan Scott.

Harley & Ivy Meet Betty & Veronica

Six-issue miniseries by Paul Dini, Marc Andreyko, and Laura Braga.

Harley Loves Joker by Paul Dini

Paul Dini and Marc Andreyko's backups to Harley Quinn #17-25 and Harley Loves Joker #1-2.

Harley Quinn & the Birds of Prey (Mass Market TPB)

Seems to be a collection of previously released stories starring Harley Quinn, Black Canary, the Huntress, Renee Montoya, and Cassandra Cain.

Harley Quinn by Amanda Conner & Jimmy Palmiotti Omnibus Vol. 3

Said to be Harley Quinn #1-42, the Harley Quinn 25th Anniversary special, and a story from the Batman Day Special — but Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti's run ended with issue #34, and the solicitation description sounds like Frank Tieri's "Angry Birds" story that followed.

Harley Quinn Vol. 3

Issues #55-60 from the new Sam Humphries run, apparently guest-starring both Batman and Harley's family.

Harley Quinn Vol. 4

Issues #61-66, including a team-up with the post Wedding Catwoman.

Harley Quinn: Breaking Glass

DC Ink graphic novel by Mariko Tamaki (the excellent Supergirl: Being Super) and Steve Pugh.

Hawkman Vol. 2

Second collection by Robert Venditti and Bryan Hitch.

Heroes in Crisis

In hardcover, issues #1-9, due out in October.

Heroes in Crisis Companion Book

Though labeled as the "Heroes in Crisis Companion Book," this paperback is said to collect Batman #64-65, Flash #64-65, and Flash Annual #2 -- give or take, the "Price of Justice" crossover. I'm somewhat surprised that crossover wasn't collected in a book by the same name, and that this volume isn't perhaps instead less prominent Heroes in Crisis tie-in stories like the Flash annual and Green Arrow #45.

Hex Wives

Issues #1-6 of the Vertigo title by Ben Blacker and Mirka Andolfo.

House of Secrets: The Bronze Age Omnibus Vol. 2

Issues #112-154 from the 1970s.

Injustice 2 Vol. 6

Issues #31-36 and Annual #2.

Injustice vs. Masters of the Universe

Tim Seeley and Freddie Williams' six-issue miniseries.

Injustice: Gods Among Us Omnibus Vol. 1

Just in time for Tom Taylor's DCeased, a 1,000+ page collection of the first three years of the Injustice digital-first series.

Injustice: Gods Among Us Year Five – The Complete Collection

Issues #1-20

Injustice: Gods Among Us: Year Two: The Deluxe Edition

Issues #1-24 of the Tom Taylor series.

iZombie Book One

New larger paperbacks of the iZombie series, this one collecting the first two trades, issues #1-12. There's only two more trades, through issue #28, so I'd guess this one will be "done in two."

John Constantine, Hellblazer Vol. 22: Regeneration

Collects Hellblazer #250-260 and Hellblazer Special: ChasThe Knowledge #1-5, by Peter Milligan and Simon Oliver, respectively, and others.

The Joker: His Greatest Jokes

Anthology collection of Joker stories in time for the Joaquin Phoenix movie. Wait till they get a load of this. Said to be Batman #8, #67, #145, #260, #353, and #366; Detective Comics #388 and #833-834 (a Batman/Zatanna story by Paul Dini);Spectre #51 (the Spectre inside Joker's soul, by John Ostrander and Tom Mandrake); and Batman: Prelude to the Wedding: Harley Quinn vs. Joker.

Justice League by Scott Snyder Book One Deluxe Edition

Demonstrating that the "Rebirth Deluxe" hardcovers are not gone, just changed, this is issues #1-12 of the "New Justice" series, the "Totality" and "Graveyard of the Gods" trades.

Justice League Dark Vol. 2: Lords of Order

Second collection of the James Tynion series.

Justice League International Book 1: Born Again

This is interesting; another collection of the start of Keith Giffen, J. M. DeMatteis, and Kevin Maguire's 1980s Justice League, collecting Justice League #1-6, Justice League International #7-17, Justice League Annual #1, Justice League International Annual #2 and Suicide Squad #13.

The last set of trades went up to Justice League International/America #35 and Justice League Europe #11 before cutting off; in 2017 we got an omnibus that only collected through League #30 and Europe #6. This new trade, due in January 2020, collects through about the middle of the third smaller trade.

Justice League Odyssey Vol. 2

Second collection by Joshua Williamson and Philippe Briomes.

Justice League of America: The Nail: The Complete Collection

Paperback, following the recent deluxe edition by Alan Davis — JLA: The Nail #1-3 and JLA: Another Nail #1-3.

Justice League/Aquaman: Drowned Earth

Paperback, following the hardcover, collecting Justice League/Aquaman: Drowned Earth #1, Justice League #10-12, Aquaman #40-41, Titans #28 and Aquaman/Justice League: Drowned Earth #1. As with the hardcover solicitation, I think this actually means to say Aquaman #41-42.

Justice League: Unite the League

Issues #0-12 of the New 52 Geoff Johns/Jim Lee Justice League, the Vol. 1: Origin and Vol. 2: Villain's Journey trades.

Legends of the Dark Knight: Steve Englehart

Detective Comics #469-476, #478, #479, and Batman: Dark Detective #1-6, spanning the late 1970s to the 2000s.

Lucifer Omnibus Vol. 1

Sandman Presents: Lucifer #1-3, Lucifer #1-35, and Lucifer: Nirvana #1, by Mike Carey and Peter Gross.

Lucifer Vol. 2

Issues #7-12 of the Sandman Universe series.

Luthor (DC Black Label Edition)

Black Label edition of the five-issue miniseries from 2005 by Brian Azzarello and Lee Bermejo.

Man and Superman: The Deluxe Edition

This one, originally released as a "100-Page Special," initially confused me because I thought it was one of the Walmart exclusives, but apparently it wasn't. Now in deluxe hardcover instead of periodical, by Marv Wolfman.


Issues #1-6 of the Wonder Comics series by David F. Walker, Brian Michael Bendis, and Jamal Campbell.

New Teen Titans Omnibus Vol. 4

New Teen Titans #10-31, Annuals #1-2, and Omega Men #34, including a Crisis on Infinite Earths tie-in, a trip to Tamaran for Starfire's wedding(?!), Jason Todd, that Omega Men crossover, and Brother Blood. Continuing this omnibus series now past where the previous one ended.

Nightwing by Peter Tomasi

Nightwing #140-153, shortly before Nightwing took the mantle of the Bat in the Grant Morrison era, by new Detective Comics writer Peter Tomasi. Being the Freefall and Great Leap trades, I enjoyed these very much at the time.

Nightwing Vol. 1

The second "Ric Grayson" collection by Scott Lobdell and company, collecting issues #57-62.

Orion Book Two

Issues #12-25 of the Walt Simonson series, plus back-up stories and other extras. Includes a Joker: Last Laugh tie-in.

The Outsiders by Judd Winick Book Two

Teen Titans/Outsiders Secret Files (the solicitation appends "Teen Titans Hunt" to this for some reason), and Outsiders #8-19. That's the Sum of All Evil and part of the Wanted trade.

Pearl Vol. 2

Issues #7-12 by Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Gaydos.

Powers OGN

New graphic novel by Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Avon Oeming.

Promethea: The Deluxe Edition Book Two

Issues #13-24 by Alan Moore and J. H. Williams.

Red Hood: Outlaw Vol. 2: Prince of Gotham

Second volume of the re-titled and it-seems-they're-serious Red Hood: Outlaw, collecting issues #32-38. The description for this trade, however, discussing Venom and a missing Starfire, is I'm almost certain actually the description for the final collection of the original Red Hood and the Outlaws series.

Road to Watchmen: The Question & Blue Beetle

One wonders if DC will keep going with these. The solicitation, notably, ties this to the new HBO Watchmen series and not to Doomsday Clock. This is Captain Atom (1966) #83-86, Blue Beetle (1967) #1-6, Mysterious Suspense #1, Charlton Premiere #3, Charlton Bullseye (1975) #1 and #5, Charlton Bullseye (1981) #1, Americomics #3, and Americomics Special #1, in hardcover.

Sandman Vol. 0: Overture 30th Anniversary Edition

Funny to see this called "Vol. 0"; I understand it takes place prior to Preludes and Nocturnes, but as it was published later, it seems it should be narratively later — a flashback, not a prologue.

Sandman: Dream Hunters 30th Anniversary Edition (P. Craig Russell)

Graphic novel adaptation of Neil Gaiman's novella with art by P. Craig Russell.

Sandman: Dream Hunters 30th Anniversary Edition (Prose Version)

The original prose version of Dream Hunters by Neil Gaiman with art by Yoshitako Amano.

Scooby Apocalypse Vol. 6

Issues #31-36 by Keith Giffen and J. M. DeMatteis, the final issues of the series.

Scooby-Doo 50th Anniversary (Mass Market TPB)

Collection of Scooby-Doo comics throughout the years.

Scooby-Doo Team Up: It's Scooby Time!

Issues #43-48 by Sholly Fisch, who's doing God's work with this series, including appearances by Mister Miracle and Big Barda, the Doom Patrol, and Black Lightning.

The Secret Spiral of Swamp Kid

Kirk Scoggs' DC Zoom graphic novel about a kid Swamp Thing. It'd be great if this kid was not actually Swamp Thing, but rather could meet Swamp Thing in the course of his adventures.

Shazam! Vol. 1: Shazam & the Magic Lands

Issues #1-6 of the new Geoff Johns/Dale Eaglesham series.

The Silencer Vol. 3

Issues #13-18 by Dan Abnett. the final collection of the last "New Age of Heroes" series.

Stargirl by Geoff Johns

Ahead of the DC Universe TV series, I imagine, this collects the entirety of Geoff Johns' Stars and STRIPE series, plus JSA: All-Stars #4 and related stories from DCU Heroes Secret Files and DCU Villains Secret Files. Courtney Whitmore goes by Star-Spangled Kid through the majority of this book and I wonder if that'll be surprising to readers who pick up this collection post-show.

Suicide Squad by Keith Giffen

This is another unexpected one (that I hope makes it to print), Keith Giffen's 2001 twelve-issue Suicide Squad series that spun out of the Superman event "Our Worlds at War" and had some later resonance for Robin and Spoiler.

Super Friends: Saturday Morning Comics Vol. 1

The original Super Friends cartoon tie-in comics, Super Friends #1-26, plus the promo Aquateers Meet the Super Friends #1, and Limited Collectors’ Edition #C41 (possibly just the cover), by E. Nelson Bridwell.

Super Sons: The Foxglove Mission

DC Zoom title, sequel to the previous, by Ridley Pearson and Ileana Gonzalez.

Supergirl Vol. 2

Issues #27-32 by Marc Andreyko, spinning off from Brian Michael Bendis' Superman series, with an appearance by the Omega Men.

Superman of Smallville

DC Zoom title by Art Baltazar and Franco Aureliani.

Superman Vol. 1: The Unity Saga: Phantom Earth

Paperback of Brian Michael Bendis' Superman #1-6.

Superman Vol. 2: The Unity Saga: The House of El

Superman #7-14 by Brian Michael Bendis, featuring you-know-who.

Superman: Action Comics Vol. 1: Invisible Mafia

Paperback of Brian Michael Bendis and Patrick Gleason's Action Comics #1001-1006.

Superman: Action Comics Vol. 2: Leviathan Rising

Brian Michael Bendis' Action Comics #1007-1011 and the Leviathan Rising special.

Superman: For Tomorrow 15th Anniversary Deluxe Edition

Deluxe edition of the Brian Azzarello/Jim Lee arc from the early 2000s. I believe this is the first time all 12 issues have been collected together in one volume in hardcover outside of the Absolute edition (and a paperback compendium).

Superman: Red Son (New Edition)

A new printing of the Mark Millar/Dave Johnson miniseries.

Superman: Secret Origin Deluxe Edition

Deluxe hardcover edition of the post-Infinite Crisis series by Doomsday Clock's Geoff Johns and Gary Frank.

Superman: The City of Tomorrow

For Superman fans like myself who thrilled to "Dark Night Over Metropolis," "Krisis of the Krimson Kryptonite," "Death of Superman," and then one day found ourselves with "Millennium Giants" (if you were there, you'd know), Jeph Loeb and company's Superman was a giant breath of fresh air. The solicitation says every issue of Loeb's Superman is collected in this trade, but the issues only seem to be Superman #151-154, Superman: Y2K #1, Superman: The Man of Steel #95-98, Adventures of Superman #573-576 and Action Comics #760-763, the Superman: No Limits and Superman: Endgame trades.

Superman: Up in the Sky

Tom King and Andy Kubert's original Walmart-exclusive story, now in trade.

Superman: Year One

Hardcover of Frank Miller and John Romita's Black Label series.

Swamp Thing by Nancy A. Collins Omnibus

First ever collection of novelist Nancy Collins run on Swamp Thing, issues #110-139 and Annuals #6-7. Following that would be Grant Morrison's and Mark Millar's runs, before the iteration of the title that included the Alan Moore run would be brought to a close.

Tales of the Batman: Gerry Conway Vol. 3

Batman #349-359 and Detective Comics #515-526. This means the book includes the fourth part of the story that first introduced Killer Croc, Detective #526, which was missing from the Batman: Arkham: Killer Croc trade, plus the first pre-Crisis appearance of Jason Todd.

Teen Titans Go!: Weirder Things

Issues #31-36 by Sholly Fisch.

Teen Titans Vol. 2: Turn It Up

The second collection of Adam Glass and Bernard Chang's "New Justice" series.

Teen Titans/Deathstroke: The Terminus Agenda

The new-new Teen Titans/Deathstroke crossover by Christopher Priest and Adam Glass, said to collect Deathstroke #41-43 and Teen Titans #28-30.

Teen Titans: H.I.V.E. Conquest

Dan Jurgens' Teen Titans stories from the Walmart-exclusive compendiums.

Transmetropolitan Book Two

Issues #13-24 by Warren Ellis.

Wonder Twins

Issues #1-6 of Mark Russell and Stephen Byrne's Wonder Comics series.

Wonder Woman Vol. 1: The Just War

The first collection of G. Willow Wilson's Wonder Woman run, with the trades renumbered apparently. Maybe that's the trend now -- don't renumber the periodical series in order to preserve legacy numbering, but renumber the trades to designate runs and prevent "high-number suspicion." Issues #58-68 (which seems like a lot) with art by Cary Nord.

Wonder Woman: Come Back to Me

Collection of Amanda Conner, Jimmy Palmiotti, and Chad Hardin's Walmart-exclusive Wonder Woman stories.

Wonder Woman: Diana Prince: Celebrating the '60s Book One

Issues #178-194 by Dennis O'Neil, Robert Kanigher, Mike Sekowsky, and more, from the era that Wonder Woman became secret agent Diana Prince and trained under I-Ching.

Wonder Woman: The Golden Age Omnibus Vol. 4

Sensation Comics #70-91, Comic Cavalcade #23-29, and Wonder Woman #26-36.

Wonder Woman: Warbringer (The Graphic Novel)

Graphic novel adaptation of Leigh Bardugo's YA novel, with involvement of Louise Simonson.

Y: The Last Man Omnibus

The entire 60-issue series by Brian K. Vaughn, Pia Guerra, and company.

Young Justice Book Four

Post-"Sins of Youth," this is issues #20-32, which sees the team at the Olympics in Zandia, out in space, and meeting the Forever People, plus a silent issue and an appearance by Spoiler.

Young Justice Vol. 1

Never really thought I'd be holding an in-continuity Young Justice Vol. 1 trade again. Issues #1-6 by Brian Michael Bendis.

Zero Hour 25th Anniversary Omnibus

The five-issue miniseries plus all the tie-in issues. This is supposed to be Zero Hour: Crisis in Time #4-0, Steel #8, Outsiders #11, Detective Comics #678, Batman #511, Superman: Man of Steel #37, Superboy #8, Green Lantern #55, The Flash #94, Superman #93, The Flash #0, Batman: Shadow of the Bat #31, Hawkman #13, Legionnaires #18, Valor #23, Adventures of Superman #516, L.E.G.I.O.N. ’94 #70, Green Arrow #90, Guy Gardner: Warrior #24, Team Titans #24, Legion of Super-Heroes #61, Action Comics #703, Justice League of America #92, Justice League Task Force #16, Justice League International #68, Robin #10, Anima #7, Catwoman #14, Damage #6, Darkstars #24, Green Lantern #0, and stories from Showcase '94 #8-10. See my previous run-down for more details.