It's coming ... the 2008 Trade Paperback Speculations list

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Difficult to believe, but with DC Comic's November solicitations coming out on Monday, including potential trade paperback solicitations for January ... it's time for the Collected Editions 2008 Trade Paperback Speculations list! Tune in Saturday as we list some of the trade paperbacks we expect in 2008, and take your guesses as well. See you then!
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  1. Have you heard anything about the possibility that, instead of two TPBs reproducing the two Superman: Camelot Falls HCs, DC will publish all ten issues in a single trade? Two five-issue volumes just seem too slim for paperback to me.

    I was disappointed in Hush Vol. 1 which was only five issues but cost the same as the seven-issue Vol. 2. Hopefully DC won't regard it as a precedent for Camelot Falls, which I'm looking forward to reading finally.

  2. I would be major league torqued if they came out with one big Camelot Falls paperback. I like hardcovers over paperbacks generally, but I'd also rather have one complete cheaper paperback than two hardcovers. We'll have to see what happens.

    Personally, I think this is where the volume 1/volume 2 stuff has gotten a little obnoxious. I mean, a five-issue volume 1 hardcover? Not a lot of bang for the book. Look to my review of Camelot Falls in the next few weeks for more on this.