And we're back!

Monday, December 03, 2007

First, a bit of self-congratulation:

Fifty thousand words in a one month. Hooray!

Next, a gigantic collected thank you to the guest bloggers who filled in during National Novel Writing Month: Simon Finger, Bob Hodges, and Doug Glassman, who did five (!) reviews and even got mentioned in Augie De Blieck Jr.'s Pipeline column. Let's give them all a round of applause!  Couldn't have done it without all of you, so thanks! Come back anytime!

And now ... new reviews on the way! Check back here later today for Mystery in Space, Volume 1. We've got Justice League Elite, we've got Batman, we've got Animal Man, we've got a whole slew of Legion of Super-Heroes coming up, we've got the end of 52, we've got all the latest trade paperback news as it breaks! All through December and into the new year, keep watching Collected Editions.


PS Having a little comments trouble right now, so moderation is on. Please keep leaving your comments -- all the responses are great! -- and moderation should be off soon. All best!
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  1. Holy Crap! I had no idea that Augie had written that. It's been great writing reviews for this site and I have a few more in store, including (gasp) a DC book!

  2. Yeah, you made the big time! Congrats, and thanks again for the help!

  3. Congratulations on that!

    And Animal Man? Deliciousness is on the way!

  4. Deliciousness, indeed! Look for the Animal Man reviews starting a week from Monday, Wendy. Hope you'll chime in on your opinion of those trades!