Collected Legion Trivia (Part 3)

Friday, January 11, 2008

And we're back! Collected Editions continues to celebrate the arrival of 2008 with some trivia from the future! Do you know the answers to the following Legion trivia questions, provided by the Legion Omnicon?

6. In current continuity, which members have joined the team since the series started? (All others were shown to be members in issue 1. This question refers to "real" Legionnaires with flight rings and code names and pictures in the opening credits.)

7. Lar Gand was held in a Zone that has had at least three different names across the various continuities. What names has the Zone gone by in that time?

8. In Adventure Comics #247, when the Legion traveled back in time to recruit/tease Superboy, how did the powers of each of the three Legionnaires manifest themselves?

And a bonus Collected Editions survey question:

* A book I would like to see reviewed on Collected Editions is ...

Come back next Monday for the final Legion review, and Tuesday for one last trivia challenge. And as always, get your Legion fix with the Legion Omnicom,
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