DC Comics Solicitations for July 2008

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Oh, my Collected Editioners! Did I ever make the mistake of bypassing the DC Comics July 2008 solicitations last night, thinking "I'll just read them tomorrow." Well, consider me shocked! Invasion! Millennium! We had speculated about these here, but now it's official -- DC's two big 1980s crossovers will be collected in August.

Other hot spots include the Supergirl: Beyond Good and Evil, which includes that yet-uncollected story from Action Comics #850; Dr. Fate, Lord Havok, and Suicide Squad; and All-Star Superman trade paperback (I'm still holding out for the Absolute Edition).

There's also Batman: The Black Glove hardcover, the next Grant Morrison Batman collection that fills in missing issues between Batman and Son and The Resurrection of Ra's al Ghul; the first Gail Simone Wonder Woman hardcover; and a ten-issue hardcover Gotham Central collection, which covers both In the Line of Duty and Half a Life. The real trick on these Gotham Central hardcovers will be to see whether they collect the missing issues from the Gotham Central trades; if that's the thing, they'll be invaluable.

So was July 2008 a hit or miss for you? What trades will be on your buy list?
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