Heroes of the DC Universe Puzzle - Part Four

Thursday, January 08, 2009

At long last, all done! Can't tell you how many of those little puzzle pieces nearly got lost on the floor.

Observations from the Heroes of the DC Universe puzzle:
I've been thinking about it, and I believe we can imagine this "group shot," if you will, was taken just before the Genesis crossover. Consider Roy Harper in his pre-Red Arrow Arsenal suit; Lobo, the Spectre, and Hitman, who all had series at that time; and Artemis in her post-Wonder Woman #100 Requiem costume.
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  1. Not to mention the Jack Knight Starman, the odd Fate person, Azrael (Jean Paul Valley), Hitman, a different Green Arrow, Black Canary in her first Birds of Prey costume, the Atom in his teenaged form.

    Gonna have to say somewhere between July 96 and Jan 97.

  2. Anybody know where you can get this puzzle. I know it is discontinued but I'd love to get one myself.

  3. Thought I saw one on eBay the other day; auction might still be going.

  4. I so badly want this puzzle. Does anyone know where I can get my hands on one?