DC Rebirth Omnibus, Crisis on Infinite Earths and Legends Companions, Absolute Batman: Year One and Infinite Crisis, Watchmen Noir, Starman Omnibus Vol. 4, Flash by Mark Waid, Justice Society '92, more in DC Comics Fall 2016 solicitations

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

It's DC Comics's Fall 2016 trade paperback and hardcover collections! This list is now complete and updated with my comments, barring any late-breaking additions.

On the cusp of new details about DC Comics's "Rebirth," we can tell you there will be a DC Comics Rebirth Omnibus coming in December that will collect all the DC "Rebirth" issues (either the specials alone, or the specials plus the #1 issues).

And that's just the start of what's solicited from DC Comics this fall -- a black-and-white Watchmen; Absolute editions of Batman: Year One and Infinite Crisis; long-awaited companion volumes to Crisis on Infinite Earths and Legends, collecting those crossovers' tie-in issues; Batman volumes by Brian K. Vaughan, Ed Brubaker, and Norm Breyfogle; a collection of Ron Marz's Green Lantern; a collection of the complete 1992 Justice Society series; the paperback Starman Omnibus Vol. 4; Flash by Mark Waid; and much, much more. Read on for more details.

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Note that all of this information is subject to change before publication. Not all links may yet be functional.

52 Book 2

Said to collect the end of 52 in paperback, issues #27-52.

Absolute Batman: Year One

Though only four issues, the Absolute is said to be rounded out with pencils, sketches, and script pages.

Absolute Infinite Crisis

In my opinion the best crossover miniseries DC Comics has ever done. Definitely worthy of Absolute treatment.

Absolute Y: The Last Man Vol. 2

Adam Strange: The Silver Age Vol. 1

Anarky: The Complete Collection

I expect, as the name suggests, this is a comprehensive collection of Alan Grant's Anarky stories. If so, that'll span Detective Comics to Shadow of the Bat, the Anarky miniseries and series, maybe even an "Eclipso: The Darkness Within" Robin annual?

Aquaman Vol. 7

Aquaman Vol. 8

Aquaman: A Celebration of 75 Years

Art of DC Comics Bombshells

Art Ops Vol. 2

Azrael Vol. 2

Pleasantly surprised as I was to see the first collection of this eccentric, under-appreciated series -- in which Dennis O'Neil takes the one-note "bad Batman" Azrael and sets him alongside a quirky cast -- I'm even more surprised to see it continuing. This book stays good for a while, not in the least because of Barry Kitson's art. There's potential here for an Underworld Unleashed tie-in to be collected, among others.

Batgirl: Cassandra Cain Vol. 3

These don't seem to be being published as "Batgirl: Cassandra Cain" collections, but rather just as Batgirl collections. Irrespective, the last volume stopped at issue #25; this next one should get into some of the Batman: Fugitive material. This title was collected sporadically until issue #28 and then not again until #58, so I expect the third volume will have some previously un-collected material.

Batman '66 Meets the Man From U.N.C.L.E.

Batman '66 Vol. 5

Batman & Robin By Grant Morrison

Apparently a hardcover collection of Morrison's Batman & Robin #1-16 and Batman: The Return.

Batman Arkham Vol. 5: Poison Ivy

Batman Arkham Vol. 6: Man-Bat

Batman Beyond Vol. 2

Batman by Brian K. Vaughan

A few years ago DC published Batman: False Faces containing most of Vaughan's Batman work. This is a catchier title but I wonder if it'll actually collect anything different.

Batman by Ed Brubaker Vol. 2

Should collect Brubaker's final Batman issues, and into Detective Comics.

Batman by Scott Snyder & Greg Capullo Box Set

Batman Vol. 10: Love Never Dies

Batman Vol. 9: Superheavy Part 2 collects through Batman #50. Apparently this volume is Batman #51-52, Batman Annual #4, and a story from Detective Comics #27. Now, Snyder and Capullo could adapt the phone book and I'd read it, but this seems an awful small collection unless something else is coming.

Batman Vol. 8: Endgame

Batman Vol. 9: Superheavy Part 2
Batman Vol. 9: Superheavy Part 2

Maybe these volumes are coming out a little faster to clear the path for "Rebirth"? The hardcover said to be in September, the paperback in December.

Batman: Arkham Knight Genesis

Batman: Arkham Knight Vol. 3

Batman: Death & the Maidens Complete Collection

Good for Greg Rucka; this is a gripping, harrowing story, and also introduces a character being used heavily over on the ArrowTV show. I question "complete collection," however, because the original collection contained the complete miniseries, though maybe give or take a backup story.

Batman: Detective Comics Vol. 8

Batman: Detective Comics Vol. 9

Batman: Li'l Gotham Deluxe Edition

Good for Dustin Nguyen and Derek Fridolfs; I enjoyed this, and the art certainly deserves a deluxe edition.

Batman: The Brave & The Bold Bronze Age Omnibus

Batman/Two-Face by James Robinson

Another interesting re-naming; this appears to be Robinson's "One Year Later" story Batman: Face the Face, collected again under a different title.


Collects the four-issue miniseries by Chuck Dixon and Beau Smith, at least, but I'm hoping it's also got the sequel Catwoman/Wildcat miniseries (and where are my Beau Smith Guy Gardner collections?).

Best of Looney Tunes Vol. 2

Birds of Prey Vol. 3

Continuing to collect the original Chuck Dixon run. This should collect some of the gap between the previously collected issues #1-11 and issues #20-21 (Birds of Prey is in all not well collected until issue #56). Within this are Black Canary and Catwoman on Apokolips, possibly the story of Oracle's partnership with Power Girl, and an encounter with the Joker.

Black Canary Vol. 2

The final collection of Brenden Fletcher and Annie Wu's "DC You" title.


Collecting the new miniseries. I hope people buy the heck out of this so we can get a Bloodlines, original, collection.

Catwoman Vol. 6

The final collection of the 2000s Catwoman series, ending with Will Pfeifer's run. Solicitations suggest this might include Tony Bedard's Blackest Night issue, too. Looks like this will contain Catwoman Vol. 7: Catwoman Dies, Catwoman Vol. 8: Crime Pays, and Catwoman Vol. 9: Long Road Home.

Catwoman Vol. 8

The final Catwoman collection before "Rebirth," by Frank Tieri.

Checkmate by Greg Rucka Vol. 1

I've been excited about this since the rumors started. One of my all-time favorite DC titles, as Rucka and Jesus Saiz turn an eclectic swath of the DC Universe into super-spies. This was solicited this past summer and apparently delayed, so hopefully this does it.

Clean Room Vol. 2


Paperback of the miniseries.

Crisis on Infinite Earths Companion

I have been hoping for something like this for years, that collects the tie-in issues published beside Crisis on Infinite Earths. Bring on the Underworld Unleashed Companion, the Final Night Companion, and so on. Solicitations say this includes Action Comics, Batman, Detective Comics, Firestorm, Green Lantern, Justice League of America, New Teen Titans, Swamp Thing, and Wonder Woman, among others.

Cyborg Vol. 2

This should finish Cyborg prior to the "Rebirth" relaunch.

Dark & The Bloody Vol. 1

Dark Knight Returns Book & Mask Set

Dark Knight Returns: The Last Crusade

DC Comics Bombshells Vol. 2

DC Rebirth Omnibus

Curious as I am about "Rebirth," that we get another in the series of yearly special-month omnibuses lends credence to my notion that "Rebirth" is just another "wave" of DC's cancellations/relaunches, albeit with considerable more fanfare.

DC Super Hero Girls Vol. 2

DC Universe By Neil Gaiman

Another that was solicited for the summer and apparently delayed for the fall.

Deathstroke Vol. 3

The final collection before "Rebirth."

Deathstroke, the Terminator Vol. 4

Very exciting to see the Marv Wolfman collections continue. This collects the "World Tour '93" storyline with Deathstroke, Amanda Waller, and Vigilante, among others -- issues #27-34.

DMZ Book Three

Doctor Fate Vol. 2

Final collection of the "DC You" series before "Rebirth."

Doom Patrol Book Three

Continuing to re-collect the Grant Morrison run; this would be the previously collected Doom Patrol Vol. 5: Magic Bus and Doom Patrol Vol. 6: Planet Love

Earth 2: Society Vol. 2

The second collection, before "Rebirth."

Elseworlds: Batman Vol. 2

Love that we have an Elseworlds collection series now. This is supposed to be Batman: Brotherhood of the Bat, Scar of the Bat, Dark Knight Dynasty, and Man-Bat.

Elseworlds: Superman Vol. 1

Another holdover from previous solicitations. Collects Superman: Speeding Bullet, Kamandi: At Earth’s End #1-6, Superman: Kal, Superman: At Earth’s End, Superman/Batman: Doom Link, and Superman/Wonder Woman: Whom Gods Destroy #1-4

Fables Deluxe Book 13

Firestorm: The Nuclear Man

The solicitation on this credits Gerry Conway and the description is the same as the collection of Conway's earlier Firestorm stories. If this is a second volume, it could collect Conway's Fury of Firestorm issues. Correction: This is most likely a collection of the Gerry Conway Legends of Tomorrow issues.

Flash by Francis Manapul and Brian Buccellato Omnibus
Flash by Francis Manapul Unwrapped

An omnibus of Manapul and Buccellato's New 52 Flash #1-25 (through Vol. 4: Reverse), and then apparently the exact same issues but with Manapul's line drawings uninked and uncolored, which should be stunning indeed.

Flash By Geoff Johns Book Three

Paperback reprint of the third Flash by Geoff Johns Omnibus.

Flash by Mark Waid Book One

I think most of us consider Mark Waid's Flash run of almost 100 issues to be the definitive run on Flash, at least in depicting Barry Allen Wally West (edit: oops!). No word on what this collects, but I think we can guess it'll start with Flash #62-65, Born to Run, and maybe go up to if not through Return of Barry Allen.

Flash Vol. 8: Zoom
Flash Vol. 9

These will take us to the "Rebirth" relaunch.

Flash: The Silver Age Omnibus Vol. 2

Free Country: A Tale of The Children's Crusade

Gen 13: The Complete Collection

DC does like to tease a new Gen13 series, don't they? The solicitation names Jim Lee and J. Scott Campbell, so whether this is "complete"-complete, with like Superman/Gen13, or just the main series, I'm not sure.

Get Jiro: Blood & Sushi

Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest

Gotham Academy Vol. 3

This should be the "Yearbook" storyline before the "Rebirth" relaunch.

Grayson Vol. 4

The final Grayson collection before "Rebirth."

Green Arrow by Kevin Smith

Green Arrow Vol. 6
Green Arrow Vol. 7

The next two Mike Grell collections, said to be issues #39-45 and #46-53, including art by Grell himself and an extra-sized 50th issue.

Green Lantern Book One

Love it or leave it, this looks like a new series of collections of Ron Marz's Green Lantern Kyle Rayner run. So far this is just the previously-collected Emerald Twilight/New Dawn, but there's plenty from this seventy-five-ish issue run that wasn't collected. I'd be happy to see this continue even into Judd Winick's run.

Green Lantern Corps: Edge of Oblivion Vol. 1

Green Lantern Vol. 7
Green Lantern Vol. 8

These two close out Green Lantern before "Rebirth"

Green Lantern: The Silver Age Vol. 1

Harley and Her Gang of Harleys Vol. 1

Harley Quinn Book & Mask Set

Harley Quinn Vol. 4
Harley Quinn Vol. 5

These should finish Harley Quinn before "Rebirth."

Injustice: Gods Among Us: Year Five Vol. 1

Injustice: Gods Among Us: Year Four Vol. 2

Injustice: Year Two The Complete Collection

Jack of Fables Deluxe Book 1

JLA Vol. 9

The next re-collection of the 2000s JLA series. Solicited for this is issues #115-119, Geoff Johns's Identity Crisis tie-in Crisis of Conscience, but that's awfully little for these collections. I wouldn't be surprised if this collected all the way to issue #125, adding in the Infinite Crisis tie-in World Without a Justice League.

John Constantine: Hellblazer Vol. 15: Highwater

JSA: The Golden Age Deluxe Edition

Justice League 3001 Vol. 2

Collects Justice League 3001 to issue #12. Is there still a question of whether all of Justice League 3000 has been collected?

Justice League of America: The Silver Age Vol. 2

Justice League Vol. 7: Darkseid War Part 1

Justice League Vol. 8: Darkseid War Part 2

Justice League: Gods And Men (Darkseid War)

The "Darkseid War" tie-in specials.

Justice Society of America: The Complete 1992 Series

This does not appear to include Armageddon: Inferno, unfortunately, but it is the entire Len Strazewski/Mike Parobeck series, which introduced Jesse Quick and laid the groundwork for Geoff Johns's JSA series. I'll take it.

Last Days of the Justice Society of America

Going along with this, Last Days of the Justice Society was the Roy Thomas special that saw the Justice Society enter Ragnorak after Crisis on Infinite Earths before they were rescued in Armageddon: Inferno. But Last Days was just a one-shot special, so I'm curious what else this trade might contain.

Last Gang in Town Vol. 1

Legend of Wonder Woman

Legends Companion

Again, very happy to see this collection of 1980s books that tied in to the Legends crossover. Solicitations for this emphasize Firestorm's presence, late of Legends of Tomorrow; I'm surprised Suicide Squad's role isn't also mentioned, though the Squad's presence in these tie in issues is light. Said to contain Batman #401, Detective Comics #568, Green Lantern Corps #207, Cosmic Boy #1-4, Justice League of America #259-261, Secret Origins #10 and #14, Fury of Firestorm #55-56, Blue Beetle #9-10, Warlord #114-115, Superman #3, Adventures of Superman #426, and Action Comics #586.

Legends of the Dark Knight: Norm Breyfogle Vol. 2

Someone was just asking me about this. Solicitation says this contains 1990s Detective Comics issues. There's plenty of Breyfogle work still to collect, even into Batman: Knightfall.

Lucifer Vol. 2

Martian Manhunter Vol. 2

The final "DC You" collection before "Rebirth."

Metal Men

Additional Legends of Tomorrow collections. See also Firestorm.

Midnight Days

Midnighter Vol. 2

The final Midnighter collection before Rebirth.

Mr. Punch 20th Anniversary Ed.


New Teen Titans Vol. 6

Said to collect New Teen Titans #35-39 and Annual #1, which were collected in the New Teen Titans Omnibus Vol. 2; these take place between the Terra Incognita and Judas Contract trades.

Newsboy Legion by Simon and Kirby Vol. 2

Nightwing Vol. 5

Continuing the new collections of the Chuck Dixon series. The most recent fourth volume is supposed to collect through issue #34, so this should be some of Nightwing: Darker Shade of Justice and into Hunt for Oracle. The big gap in Nightwing collections is after issue #60.

Northlanders Book 2

Poison Ivy: Cycle of Life and Death

Red Hood/Arsenal Vol. 2

The final collection before "Rebirth."

Red Thorn Vol. 2

Robin Vol. 4

The fourth new collection of Chuck Dixon's run. If the last book does indeed end with issue #6, this could collect the Robin tie-in issues to Knightfall, Knightsend, Zero Hour, and Prodigal (it was a busy time!).

Robin: Son of Batman Vol. 1
Robin: Son of Batman Vol. 2

Wrapping up the Patrick Gleason series (we hardly knew ye!).

Sandman Mystery Theatre Book 2

The second new collection of Matt Wagner's Sandman Mystery Theatre is said to collect issues #13-24 and the Annual #1, which are the Vamp and Scorpion collections, and part of Dr. Death and the Night of the Butcher (probably the "Dr. Death" part).

Sandman: Overture

Secret Six Vol. 2

Shadow of the Bat Vol. 2

Continuing the new collections of the Alan Grant series.

Sheriff of Babylon Vol. 2

Sinestro Vol. 4

Space Ghost (New Edition)

In time for DC's all-new Hanna-Barbera comics, this miniseries was a serious take on Space Ghost by Joe Kelly. Here, have a review.

Starman Omnibus Vol. 4

Wasting no time, thankfully, DC follows the long-awaited paperback Starman Omnibus Vol. 3 with Vol. 4. This ought contain issues #39-46 (essentially the To Reach the Stars collection), the 80-Page Giant, the Mist special, Power of Shazam #35-36, and Batman/Hellboy/Starman #1-2.

Sugar & Spike

Another Legends of Tomorrow collection. So they're actually detectives? Is this good?

Suicide Squad Most Wanted: Katana

Suicide Squad Vol. 5

This book's solicitation suggests the "Janus Directive" crossover issues, but that should have been Vol. 4; this would follow that, with some Apokolips action.

Suiciders: Kings of HelLA

Supergirl by Peter David Book One
Supergirl by Peter David Book Two

The first volume seems to have been bumped a season, which is bad if it means the book may not see print; at the same time, solicits for a second volume suggest we may go past the Gary Frank issues into Leonard Kirk's work.

Supergirl Vol. 2

The next collection of the 2000s Jeph Loeb series, at this point collecting issues #11 and #13-22 by Joe Kelly and Tony Bedard (Kara has an abusive boyfriend and Amazons Attack). Some of this was previously collected as Supergirl: Identity and some has never been collected.

Superman Vol. 1
Superman Vol. 2

Paperback of Gene Luen Yang's first volume and hardcover of his second, before "Rebirth."

Superman-Action Comics Vol. 8
Superman-Action Comics Vol. 9
Superman: Super League

Vol. 8 is the paperback of Greg Pak's Truth; Vol. 9 is the Action Comics issues of Peter Tomasi's "Super-League." As has been DC's custom is looks like you can read parts of "Super-League" in the various crossover titles' individual trades or all together in a Super-League collection.

Superman: The Coming of the Supermen

The Neal Adams miniseries.

Superman: The Golden Age Vol. 2

Superman: The Man of Steel Vol. 9

Another resolicit, as John Byrne introduces the post-Crisis Supergirl and General Zod.

Superman/Batman Vol. 5

Issues #50-63, previously collected as Michael Green and Mike Johnson's Finest Worlds and Night and Day, with Dan Abnett, Andy Lanning, and Mike Johnson's uncollected "Nanopolis" (issues #57-59) in the middle.

Superman/Wonder Woman Vol. 4

Superman/Wonder Woman Vol. 5

Ends Superman/Wonder Woman before "Rebirth" with the "Super-League" tie-in issues.

Survivors' Club: The Complete Series

Swamp Thing (Vol. 4) Book 1

Re-collects the fourth series run that started with writer Andy Diggle (Swamp Thing: Bad Seed). Depending on how far this goes, following issues are by Will Pfeifer and Joshua Dysart.

Sweet Tooth Deluxe Book Three

Teen Titans by Geoff Johns Vol. 1

A paperback collection (most likely partial) of the previous Teen Titans by Geoff Johns Omnibus.

Teen Titans Go! Vol. 3

Teen Titans Go!: Bring it On

Teen Titans Vol. 3

By Will Pfeifer and Greg Pak; this should close out Teen Titans before "Rebirth."

Teen Titans: The Silver Age Omnibus Vol. 1

Teen Titans: Year One (New Edition)

Titans Hunt

The Dan Abnett post-Convergence miniseries.

Unfollow Vol. 2

Unwritten Deluxe Book 1

Watchmen Noir

Reprinted as part of DC's series of black-and-white titles.

We Are Robin Vol. 2

Final volume of the series before "Rebirth."

Wonder Woman 75th Anniversary Box Set

This slipcase is said to include Wonder Woman collections by Gail Simone, Brian Azzarello, George Perez, and Phil Jimenez, which is a nice cross-section (missing only Greg Rucka and William Messner-Loebs).

Wonder Woman Vol. 8

Wonder Woman Vol. 9

The final Meredith Finch/David Finch collection before "Rebirth."

Wonder Woman: A Celebration of 75 Years

Wonder Woman: A Very Selfish Princess

The Jill Thompson digital-first series.

Wonder Woman: The Golden Age Omnibus Vol. 1

Crisis and Legends companions! 1990s Justice Society! Let me know what else grabs your attention from this list.
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  1. Wait...I forgot how much money I spent on that Infinite Crisis Omnibus. But it was a lot. My guess is the Absolute edition won't have as much material (for selfish reasons I hope this is the case). But maybe this means we might get an Absolute 52? I have been wanting one for almost a decade.

    1. I'm guessing -- just guessing -- this will be the miniseries only and not any of the tie-ins that the omnibus had.

    2. I would tend to agree with this. Perhaps the Countdown to Infinite Crisis special, too, but surely no more than that. The absolute editions tend not to go too high on the page count. Thus, I would say that Absolute 52 in a single volume would not happen. Maybe two...?

    3. I would like an Absolute 52 in two volumes, but together in one slip case. I know I'd pay the extra $ for that.

  2. I'll be all over the Absolute Infinite Crisis and the Crisis on infinite earths companion! I wonder if the latter will affect the last Crisis on Multiple earths volume?

    As to Absolute Infinite Crisis, they seem to like filling these out to about twelve issues. The four tie-in specials and the Secret Files would do that.

    1. Well, the Perez collections didn't affect the most recent Crisis on Multiple Earths...

      But I suspect that the line is dead, that this is the only hope for a 'Final Crisis' reprint, and that the only hope to see 'Family Crisis' again is a hypothetical' DC Universe By Kurt Busiek'...

    2. Yeah, we haven't seen a Crisis on Multiple Earths in a while. Probably the thing for DC to do is release all of those -- previously collected and uncollected -- as an omnibus and be done with it.

  3. Just saw that the Absolute is 400 pages, the Infinite Crisis hardcover is 264 pages and the companion was 168 pages...It can't be those combined...

    1. There's plenty of books that have 200 or 300 pages. Those are placeholders.

  4. Other than the desire to milk Snyder and Capullo's run for all it's worth, I really don't see a reason to give Batman a tenth volume instead of collecting issues #51-52 and Annual #4 along with the conclusion to the "Superheavy" arc.

    What pleases me the most about these quasi-solicitations is seeing the collections of '90s and early '00s material still going strong, and now joined by Waid's Flash and Marz's Green Lantern. Also, the CoIE and Legends companions are a great idea, and I'd love to see it applied to other DC company-wide events, although some of them have so many tie-ins that they'd need an omnibus instead of a thick TPB.

    1. That Batman Vol. 10 isn't playing well on Facebook, either.

      I'm glad to see the '90s-'00s material doing well, too. Hawkman/Hawkworld would be high on my list, another John Ostrander title. Also I'd like even a limited War of the Gods Companion book, among others.

  5. Looks like since the Archives line is dead, DC is repackaging all of that material already formatted for publication into these omnibi. Fair enough, I just hope these last long enough to get into previously uncollected material. I want to see JLA, LSH, GL, Sgt Rock, Flash, and more continue past their last Archive volume.

    Excited about the CoIE tie in collection. Very sweet.

  6. I hope the next volume of Brubacker's Batman collects his "Dead Reckoning" storyline from Detective. Easily one of the best stand-alone Batman stories of the last 20 years. Also one of the best Two-Face stories. Since it came out at the same time as Hush, however, it went totally under the radar.

  7. Any idea what's in the Firestorm title? Dare we hope it's Ostrander's run? Or is it just a reprint of the 2011 trade...

    1. Since we're getting Metal Men, Metamorpho, and Sugar & Spike, I'm assuming it's collecting the stories from the Legends of Tomorrow anthology being published monthly right now, as those are all of the strips in it, including Firestorm.

    2. Possibly. I was thinking that the antholgyness meant that there wouldn't be enough material for full trades for each subject in time, but could be wrong.

    3. The comic is 80 pages and runs for eight issues. Not sure if they're all the same length or not, but if so, that's 20 pages each issue for each feature, and that's 160 pages which is perfect for a trade.


    4. Yeah, at one point I thought it was more classic Conway material, but now I'm pretty certain it's Legends of Tomorrow.

  8. Just some quick thoughts:

    I'm guessing that the Anarky trade just includes the 8 issues of the "ongoing" series given to Grant and Breyfogle as a consolation prize after being kicked off Batman. These issues haven't been reprinted before.

    No idea what's going to be included in The Last Days of the Justice Society trade since that story is only 64 pages. They include the Armageddon Inferno 4 issue mini-series that returned the JSA to the DC universe again. It's got some good art, but it's tied into the whole Armageddon 2001 event. I suppose they could include some of the post-crisis Infinity, Inc. issues dealing with the JSA.

    The Batman Year One Absolute is about twice the length of the previous editions. I wonder if they're just going to also include the Artist's Edition at a smaller size?

    And Watchmen Noir is an okay idea, but I'd really like to see V For Vendetta since the art was originally intended to be published in b&W.

    1. I'd be disappointed if something called the Anarky: Complete Collection is just the ongoing series.

      Armageddon: Inferno would be awesome, but I doubt it. Infinity, Inc. seems to me a more likely bet. They maybe could have combined this with the America vs. the Justice Society trade.

  9. Interesting that the list of titles in the Crisis Companion doesn't mention All Star Squadron and Infinity Incorporated. I didn't collect either at the time so can't really say how much of them is 'essential', but I think they necessarily had non-red-skies crossovers during the whole crossover timeframe. Pretty sure at least the one that has the second half of that JLA story will be in. Beyond that, I'd want the Losers special, Fury of Firestorm #41, the unbannered Legion #16 as well as the official crossover #17,Swamp Thing #46, Superman #415's bizarre little story, and at least #87 from DDCP. At at least that one Green Lantern Issue that was bassicly Crisis #11 1/2.

    Action, Batman, and Detective all never had bannered crisis crossovers, so I have no idea what for them. The "flash appears before batman" scene probably happened in one of the bat-books, I guess, but for the others, no idea.

    1. Batman & Detective had a story featuring Nocturna, the Night-Slayer, & Catwoman that was set against the red sky backdrop. It ran in Batman #389-391 and Detective #556-557, with an epilogue in #558. I can't recall offhand if Detective #558 had a Crisis banner on it but I know the others didn't. The Flash meets Batman scene didn't happen in the Batman books proper; it was in COIE #2. Detective #558 ends with Batman getting a call that the Joker has escaped prison, after which presumably he heads off to appear in COIE #2.

    2. It may not be a complete list; then again, would the Infinity Inc. and All-Star Squadron issues fit to round out the Last Days of the Justice Society book?

    3. I get the feeling that it'll be issues with direct connections to the mini series...There are just too many, listed in the companion that came with the Absolute COIE, to fit. You would need an omnibus.

    4. Maybe issues tangentially involving the Anti-Monitor? Not sure how much/how little that occurs in the Crisis tie-ins, or what role the Anti-Monitor plays in the DCU following his recent appearances, but maybe?

    5. Very little in the crossovers tie directly into the Crisis, you get mentions, side missions...eg. The Blue Devil/Omega Men crossover, some issues just have the sky red, (Originating the term, "Red Sky issue). If anything, the way it would work would be if it was structured sort of like the Infinite Crisis Prelude that was published. A selection of important panels and pages with fuller issues in between. That way the Monitor's Pre-COIE appearances would also be included. But, to be honest, I can think of only a few crossover issues that could be printed in their entirety. The Superman/Superboy team up being one.

    6. Well, since we know partial contents (series, at least), it would seem they're not being so discerning -- issues bannered as Crisis tie-ins, relevant or not. I'm satisfied with that, personally -- what I've wanted for a while is a collection of Crisis-bannered tie-ins, whether they make much sense or not or are relevant or not. The attraction, for me, is the slice of history -- what was happening at that time.

    7. Some will disappoint, some were fantastic. At the time I loved the All-Star Squadron and Green Lantern issues. And the Alan Moore Swamp Thing issue was gorgeous.

  10. "Is there still a question of whether all of Justice League 3000 has been collected?"

    Last two issues were just collected in volume 1 of 3001 last week.

  11. I already own all the Brian Buccellato and Francis Manapul Flash volumes. Should I get the Omnibus?

    1. The omnibus's biggest advantage will be its sewn binding, which will allow you to check out Manapul's gorgeous double-page spreads with no gutter loss. It would be really cool if it also included a fold-out version of the last 9 pages of issue #15, which were composed as a single spread.

    2. That gatefold would be awesome. Otherwise I don't expect any new or different material in this book, aside from the binding and having it all in one book.

  12. Little typo, Mark Waid wrote Wally, not Barry!

  13. Aquaman: A Celebration of 75 Years
    Glad to see Aquaman get some love. And I hope they include Aquaman #57 Vol #1

    *Flash by Mark Waid Book One
    No question, Mark Waid made Wally West a name to be respected.

    *Justice Society of America: The Complete 1992 Series
    The JSA and Mike Parobeck. I'm buying two of these. Mike Parobeck'a was perfect. Long overdue.

  14. Is the Free Country book same as The Children's Crusade? No love for that?

    Is the Legend of Wonder Woman the 4 issue mini series by Kurt Busiek & Trina Robbins?

    Whenever I see a solicit list, I hold out hope for a fresh Spectre or Martian Manhunter (Ostrander) trade. No luck so far :(

    1. I'm also hoping for more Ostrander Spectre trades. C'mon DC!

    2. It looks like Legend of Wonder Woman is the current Renae De Liz online first series.

  15. I'm finding it a bit sad that I'm more excited about DC's upcoming collections of their older material than I am about the collections of their newer (Rebirth) stuff.

    1. That's been the case with me for a while now, but taking into account that I'm almost only a trade buyer now, everything is older material by the time I read it!

    2. I feel the same too. Because mostly, my DC ended with Flashpoint.

      Stuff from the late 80s and early 90s that I would love to see collected:

      John Ostrander's Manhunter (not martian), Hawkworld/Hawkman and Firestorm, Alan Grant's Lobo and Demon, Chuck Dixon's Detective (barring event crossovers) and Catwoman. I'd even love me some 00s Chronos and Hourman.

  16. Wouldn't JLA vol. 9 contain the Syndicate Rules storyline? JLA #107-114 and a secret files story?

    1. Yes, you're right. So the JLA paperbacks have issues #107-125 still to collect. Which is a lot for those paperbacks -- Vol. 8 is supposed to have collected just over ten issues. At the same time, if JLA Vol. 9 leaves out "World Without a Justice League," that makes for a very small Vol. 10. So I'll be curious how that works out.

    2. Since vol. 8 will collect issues #94-106 and JLA Secret Files 2004 (just the lead story, I assume), I suppose vol. 9 will include the series' last 19 issues plus the backup story from Secret Files 2004, which is a "Syndicate Rules" prelude and was previously collected in that arc's TPB.

  17. Hey, so I noticed that New 52 Justice League vol 8 (?) and Batman vol 9 both stop their comics at issue 50. Both of them end their run on 52 before rebirth. Where are these extra issues going for trade??

    1. Apparently Batman #51 and #52 will be in a separate Batman Vol. 10 trade; it remains to be seen how that's padded out or what happens there. For Justice League, there's some talk of the final issues tying into Rebirth or coming out at the same time as the Rebirth specials or something; that too remains to be seen. I'm fairly sure neither one won't have all their issues collected one way or another.

  18. About "Batman: Death & the Maidens Complete Collection", at the end of the current TPB Klaus Janson mentions talks about scenes/pages that were left out. Maybe they're talking about those?

    1. Thumbs up to that. Also, I can't speak to who was originally scheduled to be writing what, but the sheer volume of Greg Rucka compendiums on their way suggests something in the planning for at least a little while.

  19. Him writing the Rebirth Wonder Woman, both a present day story drawn by Liam Sharp and Wonder Woman: Year One stories with Nicola Scott as an artist, was for me one of the best things they announced at WonderCon.

  20. If, when the Flash Waid books collect Return of Barry Allen, they omit Green Lantern (Volume 3) #40 by Gerard Jones, I will be majorly irked at the omission of that good tie-in.

  21. For anyone who has read the infinite crisis event, do you reckon the absolute edition coming out at the end of this year would be worth it? Sure the omnibus which is now out of print was about 1000 pages, the absolute is under 400 (i think) so its obviously not the same content. But I just wonder with whatever content they do put in would it be enough to read and understand - for someone who just wants to read the event.

  22. Was the Crisis on Infinite Earths Companion cancelled? On the Amazon page it does not have a release date.

    1. My order of it on amazon.ca goes to a 404 not found page. :(

  23. Just as an FYI, it looks like the Justice Society of America 1992 trade has been cancelled, or techinically put on indefinite hiatus, which means essentially the same thing.

    1. Yeah, that's a bummer. With Earth 2: Society now cancelled and rumors of a JSA Rebirth, maybe that trade will be back in time for a new JSA series.

  24. Was looking back at this list. Was the Crisis companion cancelled? That would really suck, was looking forward to it. Anyone have information on this?