New DC Fall 2005 trade paperbacks

Thursday, February 24, 2005 now lists two Fall DC trade paperback titles - Superman: The Healing Touch and Catwoman: When in Rome hardcover. The Catwoman, I think, we all suspected sooner or later, but it's nice to know that the Greg Rucka Superman trade paperbacks are going to continue. If I don't miss my guess, that'll be issues 633-638, taking us right through the end of Matthew Clark's run on the book.

And, come to think of it, that includes #636, the Identity Crisis tie-in issue as well. It's my running theory that DC is going to publish all of their trade paperbacks with Identity Crisis tie-in issues in September, along with the hardcover. Wouldn't that be cool? Like trade-paperback-crossover month. (Though, if can be believed, we'll see the Green Lantern: Rebirth hardcover before the Identity Crisis hardcover, which seems kind of wonky to me, but that's just me. And where the heck is the Absolute Batman: Hush? But I digress ...) The pub date on is August for the Superman book, but I don't think those are always accurate. September does seem to be the big DC month, however -- the Identity Crisis hardcover (reportedly), and also all the DC Countdown miniserieses end in August ... mark my words, September is when the ball drops.
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