New DC trade paperbacks 3/26/05

Saturday, March 26, 2005

A couple of new DC trade paperbacks, courtesy of Amazon Canada:

Nightwing: Year One, collecting Nightwing #101-106 ...
Space Ghost, collecting the Joe Kelly miniseries ...

and ...

The Flash: The Secret of Barry Allen! Given that Flash: Ignition covered Flash #201-206, this trade paperback must at least (I think) collect issues 207 to 216, making this a massive ten issue trade paperback. Could it be? Or will they skip some issues (boo!)? Either way, how cool is this? Here's hoping it (and Manhunter: Street Justice) are just the start of the Identity Crisis-crossover trade paperbacks.

And hey, DC? Just because Nightwing's issues 101 to 106 are being collected, don't forget 61 to 100, OK? OK.

Three more days to Countdown to Infinite Crisis!
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