DC Comics July 2005 trade paperback solicitations

Sunday, April 10, 2005

So I'm looking through the DC July 2005 releases, and there's some cool trade paperbacks in there, but nothing we didn't necessarily already know about. And I'm thinking, Cool month, but pity there are no surprises. And then I saw this:

Absolute Batman: Hush. It's here! Released in September, it's $49.99 of Jeph Loeb/Jim Lee-goodness, including a sketchbook and (even better) issue-by-issue commentary by the authors. How cool!? And don't forget, you heard about it here first.

Also of note:

Superman: That Healing Touch (or is it Superman: The Healing Touch), collecting issues 633-638, plus the lead story from Superman Secret Files 2004 (a lead-in to The OMAC Project, perhaps?). This goes to the end of Matthew Clark's run, just before the Captain Marvel issues. In addition, there's a solicitation for volume two of Superman: For Tomorrow, but seriously, who's going to pick that up now when we know that Absolute Superman: For Tomorrow is on the horizon one day?

The Flash: The Secret of Barry Allen, collecting issues 207-211 and 213-217, a mammoth 10 issues! (#212 is the Mirror Master profile, which I imagine will show up elsewhere.) This and Superman are both Identity Crisis tie-ins, and it seems a little silly to me to release them before the Identity Crisis hardcover comes out, but hey, what do I know?

We also get Nightwing: Year One, Space Ghost, and Y: The Last Man: Ring of Truth (finally!). All in all, a pretty good month, no?
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