Absolute Crisis on Infinite Earths

May 6, 2005

An unconfirmed rumor has George Perez designing a new cover for the Absolute edition of Crisis on Infinite Earths ... I'm trying to confirm this, so if anyone sees more info, send it this way. And check back here this weekend for Prelude to Infinite Crisis discussion, and maybe some early August solicitations!

UPDATED: Newsarama's interview with George Perez confirms that not only is Perez drawing the cover for Absoulute Crisis on Infinite Earths, to be released in December, but he is also drawing the cover for the fourth Wonder Woman trade. Let's see ... there's Wonder Woman: Down to Earth, and Wonder Woman: Bitter Rivals ... that's only two. Could we see another Wonder Woman trade solicited Monday?

Bob Greenberger, head of the DC collections department (sorry, Bob, I'm blanking on your official title right now), expands on the announcement here.

Oh, and happy Free Comic Book Day!

UPDATED AGAIN: Oh, duh. When George Perez is talking about drawing the cover of a Wonder Woman trade, he's talking about the trades of the Perez-era Wonder Woman issues (currently Wonder Woman: Gods and Mortals and Challenge of the Gods). Not as cool as a new Wonder Woman trade, but I am glad to hear there will be more of these, too.


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