DC August 2005 Solicitations: Waiting to Exhale

Sunday, May 15, 2005

There's a rather fervent thread going on over on the Geoff Johns message boards, of people chomping at the bit for DC's August 2005 solicitations. It is rather curious that this is the first month I can remember in a while where short of a select few titles, we have no idea what's coming out that month--certainly not the trade paperbacks. Curious, exciting ... and very frustrating (especially because I expected the solicits on the 9th).

Ladies and gents of the "DC August Solicits" thread ... I feel your pain.

UPDATED: A thread that quickly denegrated into something of an argument ... I tell you, this is like reading a Beckett play. Godot is the August solicitations, as a few select posters (not all of them, mind you) slowly eat each other alive. Fun stuff!

At the same time, J. D. Lombardi of Simply JD gives a fascinating explanation of how the whole "posting solicitations" system works. Thanks, J. D.; that was very cool!
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