DC Comics September 2005 trade paperback solicitations

UPDATED: DC's trade paperbacks for September have been announced. Here's the low-down:

Green Lantern: Rebirth HC and Absolute Crisis on Infinite Earths are both advance solicited — Crisis will set you back a whopping $100, making it (I believe) the most expensive Absolute Edition so far.

We already knew about Batman: War Games Act Three, as well as JLA: Syndicate Rules, but here's two doozies: Wonder Woman: Beauty and the Beasts TP, another George Perez-era Wonder Woman trade, including (thankfully) Action Comics #600; and Robin/Batgirl: Fresh Blood, collecting the Robin/Batgirl crossover, and making a nice epilogue to War Games. Now if we could only get more trades of the missing Batgirl issues, we'd be all set!

POSTED JUNE 11, 2005: This just in! Amazon.co.uk lists JLA: Syndicate Rules for October, the same month it lists Batman: Absolute Hush. Looks like September for we in the United States!

Chances are this will have JLA #107-114, plus the JLA Secret Files 2004 story.

Feel free to spread this around, but remember, you heard it at Collected Editions first!


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