War Games concerns, Legion trade, and DC's 52

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Does it concern anyone else that the solicitation for Batman: War Games Act Three seems to leave out Detective Comics #799 (Act Three, Part 1), Legends of the Dark Knight #184 (Act Three, Part 2), and Nightwing #98 (Act Three, Part 3)? Hopefully this is simply an omission from the solicitation, and not an actual reflection of the trade's contents. And really, I had hoped to see the War Games epilogues in this trade, too--Detective Comics #800 and Batman #634--but with Batman: Under the Hood, it looks like we're jumping right to Batman #635. If it's not fixed now, my hope is that we see those issues in the Batman: War Crimes trade later on.


In a "blink-and-you'll-miss-it" announcement, DC has solicited the first trade of the new Legion of Super-Heroes series, Legion of Super-Heroes Vol. 1: Teenage Revolution.

The inclusion of "Vol. 1" in the announcement is interesting--will this become common practice for DC now?

UPDATED: I find this remarkably weird, but apparently the DC press release to comic book stores states that this collection will also include the Teen Titans/Legion Special. Since most of that special--if I understand correctly, featured the old Legion, I wonder if this means the whole special (which I would expect to see instead in Teen Titans: The Future is Now) or just the six-page Legion prelude from the special. But does anyone know if that prelude was just a preview of Legion #1, or a separate, independent story?


The current buzz in the air--and requisite flap in response--regard's DC's new series 52, and how a weekly series might help or hurt comics retailers. Me, I'll be holding out for 8 33/50 Volumes One through Six, the inevitable trade paperback collections. And if DC does collect this into a trade, and, let's say, we see a trade within the first six months, does this mean that we'll see an Infinite Crisis trade even sooner? One can hope!

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