DC trades for January 2006

UPDATED AGAIN: Hovy over at Gotham Lounge notes that Amazon.com also lists Teen Titans: The Insider and Seven Soldiers of Victory Vol. 1 for January. Woo-hoo!

UPDATED: Even more than Superman: The Journey, I'm very excited to see Batman: Hush Returns, as I quite frankly didn't think we'd ever see a Batman: Gotham Knights trade paperback. To give a little preview of the upcoming 2006 trade expectancy post, I think one of the things to watch in 2006 will be how DC treats some of the ancillary titles like Gotham Knights and the three Superman books. With the trend toward every book generating trades, either DC needs to find a way for the ancillary books to start producing, or they're likely to get cut. Batman: Hush Returns will most likely include Batman: Gotham Knights #50 - 55, the "Pushback" storyline, leading, nicely, right up to Batman: War Games.

Superman: The Journey is also interesting, considering that Mark Verheiden only wrote two Superman issues before the "Sacrifice" crossover, and I'm pretty sure that we'll see a Superman: Sacrifice trade at some point this year. So whether this will be issues 217-218 and skip 219, or include 219 and go on from there remains to be seen. But you can expect quite a bit of Superman/Countdown to Infinite Crisis crossover goodness, that's for sure.

I'm surprised to see the Batman: Year One Ra's al Ghul trade, considering it was just a two-issue miniseries — is it too much to hope this might have some extras? (See, DC, here's a place where padding is good.) Anyway, this one follows up on the excellent Batman: Death and the Maidens trade, so that puts it squarely on my list.

Coming up: A Y-The Last Man: Ring of Truth review, and later this month, a look back at the trades of 2005, and a look forward to what we can expect from 2006. Join us, won't you?

P.S. Here's hoping the Flash: Rogue War trade fills in the missing issue from Flash: The Secret of Barry Allen.

OLD POST: Ah kids ... wait long enough, and the news comes. This just in: new DC trades for January 2006! I'll have commentary tomorrow, but for now, it's Batman: Hush Returns (collecting Batman: Gotham Knights), Batman: Year One Ra's Al Ghul (the recent Devin Grayson Batman-Begins-inspired miniseries), Flash: Rogue War (the last Geoff Johns trade), Superman Chronicles (reprinting all the Superman comics in order), and Superman: The Journey (collecting the first Mark Verheiden issues).


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