Odds and Ends for 4-8-07

I've come to something of a delayed realization that there are a lot of pages missing from the Infinite Crisis crossover trades. Maybe I'm overstating it slightly, but in regards to those "infinite forms" pages that each comic was supposed to have in the same month as Infinite Crisis #5, a bunch of them are missing. To wit, there's at least two gone from Superman: Infinite Crisis (of Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen, respectively), and one gone from Batman: Under the Hood Vol. 2, Robin (either in Teen Titans: Life and Death or Days of Fire and Madness), Green Arrow: Heading into the Light, and JSA Classified: Honor Among Thieves, and it remains to be seen whether the page will be included in Manhunter: Origins. This affects the reading enjoyment of the trades not one bit, but it does upset the completist in me--Hey, DC, leave those pages alone! (And keep up the good work!)


New updates to the DC Comics Trade Paperback Timeline ... you have been reading the Updates Blog, haven't you ... ?


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