Infinite Crisis novelization: quick thought ...

I'm reading the Infinite Crisis novelization by Greg Cox--which I'm actually enjoying very much, and finding that it does add levels to my overall understanding of the themes of Infinite Crisis, and I'll probably review it here later, but I digress--and reading the scene of Power Girl just before she meets the Earth-2 Superman, and seeing Cox describe her, I had a thought: would it really have been so difficult in, going from JSA to Justice Society, for Geoff Johns to have Kara change her name from Power Girl to Power Woman? Because, let's face it, Power Girl is even less of a "girl" than Barbara Gordon was as Batgirl, and I'm not talking about physical characteristics--Power Girl is an adult, and it's remarkably silly that the DC powers that be still call her "girl" just for tradition's sake.

So there: your random thought for the day.


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