DC Comics Announces 2008 Trade Paperbacks

Running short on time (probably no Friday Night Fights this week, but bet on Bahlactus anyway), so just a quick note that Newsarama has posted DC Comics trade paperback solictations through June 2008 and for Summer 2008.

I love these releases because there's so much cool stuff here, too much to go into right now. I'm impressed at the very least that Resurrection of Ra's al Ghul is just one volume instead of two, and ditto for Death of the New Gods. Check the Legion Omnicom for more details on Legion of Super-Heroes: 1,050 Years of the Future trade. Plus we finally see Superman: Last Son.

Newsarama poster "ultraaman" does a good job breaking down price points for some of the trades here.

Anything new added to your buy list?


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