Collected Legion Trivia - The Answers!

Thanks to everyone who participated in our Legion trivia either in the comments or by email, and a special thanks to the Legion Omnicom for providing the trivia questions. For your Legion needs, the Omnicom is your place to go! Here's the trivia answers:

1. It's commonly known that Dave Cockrum originally invented the X-Man we know as Nightcrawler as a member of a Legion spinoff group, before he left DC in the early 1970s. What other major X-Man was inspired by a character Cockrum created for a Legion spinoff?

It was Storm. Cockrum had created a character named Quetzal for his "Outsiders" spinoff, and another character called the Black Cat. He took Quetzal's look, Black Cat's costume, and put them on a weather character the X-Men editors wanted, and got Storm. Cockrum's Wolverine was going to have been a Devastator, but that one ended up being used for Fang, the Imperial Guardsman (who was a Timber Wolf analog), not Marvel's Wolverine. See my page on Cockrum's Outsiders and Devastators.

2. Which Legion-related character suffers from Taphephobia?

Taphephobia is the fear of being buried alive - that's Mordru's weakness.

3. What warning appeared on the box for the Legion Flight Rings offered by DC Direct in the mid-90s?

Warning: This ring does not enable the wearer to fly! (see here for a picture)

4. Name the charter members of the Legion of Super-Pets.

It was Krypto, Streaky, Comet, and Beppo (though why these 20th century residents never teamed up as the Super-Pets, I have no idea). Proty I was never a member, and Proty II joined later.

5. Supergirl and the Legion recently traveled to Rokyn, the planet where Kandor was enlarged. What was the first appearance (of sorts) of Rokyn in Legion history?

Rokyn was named in the Legion story in Adventure Comics #356 (May 1967), though the planet never actually appeared until a Superman story in 1979 when the pre-Crisis Superman actually succeeded in enlarging the bottle-city of Kandor. Rokyn is Kryptonian for "Gift from God".

6. In current continuity, which members have joined the team since the series started? (All others were shown to be members in issue 1. This question refers to "real" Legionnaires with flight rings and code names and pictures in the opening credits.)

Invisible Kid, Timber Wolf, Supergirl, and Dream Boy have joined since issue 1.

7. Lar Gand was held in a Zone that has had at least three different names across the various continuities. What names has the Zone gone by in that time?

Depending on which reboot we're talking about, it was either the Phantom Zone, the Bgztl Buffer Zone, or the Stasis Zone.

8. In Adventures #247, when the Legion traveled back in time to recruit/tease Superboy, how did the powers of each of the three Legionnaires manifest themselves?

Cosmic Boy had magnetic eyes from special serums, Lightning Boy (yes, that was his name there) clapped his hands to make electricity, and Saturn Girl read minds and sent mental commands.

9. When several members of the Legion went back to the 20th century and first met the Byrne-reboot Superman in the "Pocket Universe Saga", what was the inside joke behind choosing those specific Legionnaires?

Byrne had just come off the Fantastic Four. The four Legionnaires who went to the 20th century were the FF's closest counterparts: Brainiac 5 (Mr. Fantastic), Invisible Kid II (Invisible Woman), Sun Boy (Human Torch), and Blok (Thing). He even did a Superman cover the same as an earlier FF cover, switching out Gladiator for Superman and the FF for the Legion.

10. What is the full name of the current Princess Projectra?

Princess Wilimena Morgana Daergina Annaxandra Projectra Velorya Vauxhall of Orando.

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