Collected Legion Trivia (Part 4)

Whew! We've been burning up the future here on Collected Editions with Legion reviews and Legion trivia (questions provided by the Legion Omnicon). One more round left to go -- do you know the answers to these Legion questions?

9. When several members of the Legion went back to the 20th century and first met the Byrne-reboot Superman in the "Pocket Universe Saga", what was the inside joke behind choosing those specific Legionnaires?

10. What is the full name of the current Princess Projectra?

And a bonus Collected Editions survey question:

* I usually read Collected Editions (a) on the blog, (b) by email, (c) by RSS, or (d) other?

Special thanks again to Legion Omnicom ( for the trivia questions. Coming up on Collected Editions, we've got Outsiders, we've got JSA Classified, we've got Nightwing, we've got 52: The Companion, and more! Thanks for stopping by, and happy 2008!


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