Review: Supermarket graphic novel (IDW Publishing)

[This review comes from guest reviewer Angela Paman (@acomicbookgirl) of the 2 People Talking podcast.]

Brian Wood is one of those writers that I will buy whatever he writes in trade. He got me with DMZ. Since I couldn't exactly buy all of the issues, I decided to just buy it in trade. I made a pact with myself that I'll only buy his work in trade; makes collecting a little bit easier.

In between catching up with reading Scott Pilgrim and the gap for the latest volume to be released, I stumbled upon a comic in an issue of Previews titled Supermarket. Supermarket had similar art, and low and behold I saw the writer was none other than Brian Wood. I ordered it and a few months later it was in my hands.

Supermarket starts off with Pella talking about her typical day living in Woodland Hills, where everyone pays no matter what the charge. Pella works in a convenience store, not out of convenience, but because she likes sales and making her own money. When her parents are murdered, Pella learns of their past lives as members of the Yakuza gang and the Swedish adult entertainment industry. Pella must run for her life, learning along the way that Woodland Hills isn't as nice as she thought..

While the cover of the book by Kristian Donaldson reminded me of Scott Pilgrim, the darker art suits the story better. I especially liked the varied color palette that changed throughout the story.

Brian Wood is very versatile in his storytelling. Whether politics in DMZ or a girl finding her identity in Local, Wood brings it all together in Supermarket.

This trade is published through IDW and includes an art gallery of the original covers of the issues by Kristian Donaldson, as well as a pin up gallery that includes artwork by Evan Bryce, Jim Mahfood, Nick Derington, and Mike Huddleston.

Please check it out if you are fan of Brian Wood or Kristian Donaldson's work.

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