Announcing Adam Beechen Week

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Writer Adam Beechen made his mainstream DC Comics debut with a controversial Robin run with former Batgirl Cassandra Cain emerging as a villain. Beechen continued to write about Cain through Teen Titans and to her eventual rehabilitation.

Recently, Beechen wrote a well-received Batman Beyond mini-series set in the current (not animated) DC Universe.  DC is releasing his new Batman Beyond series "day-and-date" in both digital and print formats.

This week on Collected Editions, we will look at two notable collections of Beechen's work, Batgirl: Redemption and Batman Beyond: Hush Beyond. And on Wednesday, join us for a special Q & A with Adam Beechen, where we talk about Batgirl, Batman Beyond, and of course, collected editions.

It'll be an interesting week with a focus on a much-talked-about writer. Don't miss it!
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