DC Trade Solicitations for February/March/April 2016 - Coloring DC, Batman: Contagion, Wonder Woman: War of the Gods, Robin War, Gotham Central Omnibus


Scratch two items off my ultimate collections wishlist with DC Comics's February/March/April 2016 DC Comics hardcover and trade paperback collection releases (posted November 2015). This month we see Wonder Woman: War of the Gods by George Perez, the crossover collection I really never thought I'd see, and then also Superman and the Justice League of America by Dan Jurgens, a strong "Triangle Titles"-era run that I wouldn't have thought was even considered for collection. Not unusual, I question whether the contents of that latter book have been solicited 100% right, but I'm still glad to see it getting collections recognition (and more collections of Robin by Chuck Dixon, Batman: Contagion, the Gotham Central Omnibus).

But before we dive in, I want to acknowledge what seems some really good news coming from DC this month, that Grayson's Tim Seeley is joining Suicide Squad and Action Comics's Greg Pak is joining Teen Titans. Seeley and Pak are two of DC's leading writers right now, and Suicide Squad and Teen Titans are two titles that ought be among DC's highest-profile series but aren't. Both are titles that I'd all but written off after failed relaunches, and I'm very excited by the prospect of the books becoming readable again.

Now, then, did someone say "War of the Gods" ... ?

UPDATE: Two notable collections just hit the online retailers. They are:

Batman: New Gotham (Greg Rucka)
Best of Vixen

Continuing what seems like a resurgence of Greg Rucka collections from DC, "New Gotham" was the umbrella name for the Batman line after No Man's Land, but specifically the Detective Comics work that Rucka did with Shawn Martinbrough and specific color palettes for each issue. Issues #743 to #750 were collected in Batman: New Gotham Vol. 1: Evolution, but sadly most of the rest of Rucka's run (to issue #775, and including the introduction of Checkmate's Sasha Bordeaux) has not been collected. Hopefully this is is, which'll dovetail well with the listed Checkmate by Greg Rucka collection.

"Best of ..." isn't a common DC collections title, so I imagine this will change, but nice to see Vixen getting some recognition (maybe will collect some Action Comics, some Suicide Squad, some Justice League). I can't see the CW Seed series made much of a splash, but with Flash and Arrow introducing new heroes left and right, I'd be surprised if Vixen didn't make the jump to a show. And now back to our regularly scheduled programming ...

Batman: Contagion TP

As I suspected, the solicitations for what was once Batman: Legacy/Contagion continue to get themselves worked out. Here's a solicitation for Batman: Contagion that actually includes the "Contagion" issues. A fun story from when "outbreak" tales were big, the success of "Contagion" is arguably responsible for every Bat-crossover you've ever read since. The subsequent collection of Batman: Legacy isn't solicited yet; I don't want to say sales of one might influence the other, but that's not far off.

Coloring DC: Batman – Hush Vol. 1 TP
Coloring DC: Batman Adventures – Mad Love TP

If there's anyone out there who had never touched a coloring book before in their adult life who got into it via the current adult coloring book fad, I'm curious to hear what got you into it. Personally it seems to me so many different places are jumping on the coloring book bandwagon boom that I can't imagine it won't bust pretty soon. These two Batman books have considerably different artists, between the narrow spaces of Jim Lee's pencils and the wider animated ones of Bruce Timm's; equally curious what might pull a reader to choosing one versus choosing the other.

Gotham Central Omnibus HC

Reposted mainly for a signal boost at this point; a deserving book worthy of this format and no doubt you're convinced as you'll ever be by now to pick it up. I am glad this seems to indicate a resurgence of Greg Rucka collections at DC, assuming the early solicitations hold. Also this makes me miss NYPD Blue, for which there is not a good network cop show replacement.

Injustice: Gods Among Us Year Four Vol. 1 HC
Injustice: Gods Among Us Year One – The Complete Collection TP

I ended up liking the Injustice books that I've read more than I thought I would -- as viewed through a veil of amoral superhero fun -- and I'd venture Tom Taylor's complete Injustice: Year One wouldn't be a bad read all together. I hadn't realized Brian Buccellato is now on what's Injustice: Year Four, and that also lends some credebility to the series.

Justice League: Darkseid War – Power of The Gods HC

We see now "Darkseid War" in at least three volumes, Justice League Vols. 7 and 8 and now this collection of the specials. I'm still expecting a Darkseid War Omnibus before it's all said and done. Good for DC, though, for keeping this story all in the Justice League title and specials and not into any of the regular series.

Robin Vol. 2 TP

The early Chuck Dixon stories of Robin Tim Drake were once collected out of order, with a collection that included Tim donning the costume and the first Robin miniseries coming before a collection that included a Tim story prior to when he wore the costume and then the second miniseries. That's all sorted now, with the Batman and Detective stories and the first miniseries in Vol. 1, and this collection set to include the second and third miniseries, Cry of the Huntress, the latter of which has never before been collected. The first six issues of the regular series have been collected once before, so it'll either be late in Vol. 3 or into Vol. 4 before we have more previously-uncollected material.

Superman and the Justice League of America Vol. 1 TP

I'm sorry to see that it looks like the recently-solicited Wonder Woman by George Perez Omnibus Vol. 2 and also my beloved Titans: Total Chaos both seem to have been pulled before solicitation; however, we still have this Superman and the Justice League of America collection by Dan Jurgens, collecting material around "Death of Superman." This book apparently stops short of the actual "Death of Superman" tie-in issues, however (Justice League Spectacular and issues #61-67, whereas "Death" is issues #69-70ish). This is listed as Vol. 1 and I'd be happy for DC to collect the rest of Jurgens's run, #68-77, though it's hard to call it "Superman and ..." when Superman is dead for the majority of the issues. If DC expanded this book to include through #70 and then stopped, I'd be satisfied.

Superman/Batman Vol. 3 TP

I'm glad to see these Superman/Batman collections continuing beyond the (very good) Jeph Loeb material. This one collects issues #27-36 and the first annual, which is Mark Verheiden's entire run on Superman/Batman, both Enemies Among Us and then a three-part Metal Men story never before collected. The annual is by Joe Kelly with artists including Ed McGuinness.

Wonder Woman: War of The Gods TP

The beginning of the end of George Perez's run on Wonder Woman and also one of DC Comics's last big line-wide in-title crossovers for a couple years. The story was good if not necessarily great, and the crossover was marred by mis-branded issues, issues shoehorned into the crossover, etc., but it's also fantastically reminiscent of the era and wonderfully nostalgic, including appearances by a couple of Crisis on Infinite Earths characters. I have wanted a War of the Gods collection forever and I'm so glad it's almost here.

World’s Funnest TP

An interesting collection of issues, not just Evan Dorkin's Superman and Batman: World's Funnest, but also an issue from Karl Kesel's World's Finest miniseries, Mitefall, and Bat-Mite's first appearance, Detective Comics #267, weighting the book rather heavily toward Bat-Mite.

Blackest Night Unwrapped HC

Not my bag necessarily but I'm sure a black-and-white Blackest Night will be nicely creepy.

Aquaman Vol. 7: Exiled HC

As we saw last month, these new post-New 52 "DC You" collections include the Convergence preview stories, specifically here Aquaman issues #41-48 and the preview from Convergence: Suicide Squad. This collects Cullen Bunn's entire Aquaman run.

Batman & Robin Eternal Vol. 1 TP

A nicely sizable collection of Batman and Robin Eternal, issues #1-12, suggests the whole series should be collected in two volumes.

Batman Beyond Vol. 1: Brave New Worlds TP

The first six issues plus the Convergence: Batman and the Outsiders story. I've read the preview of this, and there's a distinct lack of reference to the events of Futures End, including who Batman Beyond is supposed to be working with. That concerns me, and seems to defeat the "at least Batman Beyond continues the Futures End story" theory. Is this supposed to be a Convergence time shift, or something?

Black Canary Vol. 1: Kicking and Screaming TP

Issues #1-7 and the Convergence: Blue Beetle story.

Cyborg Vol. 1: Unplugged TP

Issues #1-6 and the Convergence: Crime Syndicate story.

Doctor Fate Vol. 1: The Blood Price TP

Issues #1-7 and the Convergence: Aquaman story.

Earth 2: Society Vol. 1: Planetfall TP

Issues #1-6 and the Convergence: Justice League preview.

Gotham Academy Vol. 2: Calamity TP

Issues #7-12 and the story from Convergence: Green Lantern Corps (which seems a very odd match-up).

Green Lantern Vol. 7: Renegade HC

"Renegade, renegade, living like ..." Oh, um, issues #41-46, the Convergence: Atom story, and what's listed as Annual #1 but should actually say Annual #4.

Harley Quinn and Power Girl TP

The six-issue miniseries. I go back and forth on my enjoyment of the Harley Quinn series but her previous team-up with Power Girl was pure fun.

Justice League 3001 Vol. 1: Déjà Vu All Over Again TP

Collects the last two issues of Justice League 3000 (#14-15), League 3001 #1-6, and the Convergence: Justice League International preview.

Red Hood/Arsenal Vol. 1: Open For Business TP

Issues #1-6 and the preview from Convergence: Titans.

Starfire Vol. 1: Welcome Home TP

Issues #1-6 and the Convergence: Green Arrow preview. I liked Emanuela Lupacchino's art on Supergirl and I'm curious to see it here on Starfire, even if Lupacchino recently announced her departure from the series.

Teen Titans Vol. 2: Rogue Targets TP

To search online for Teen Titans Vol. 2 reveals a long history of Titans, many of which I've read or reviewed: Teen Titans Vol. 2: Family Lost, Teen Titans Vol. 2: The Culling, not to mention New Teen Titans Archives Vol. 2. This latest volume 2 includes issues #8-12, the Convergence: Superboy and the Legion of Super-Heroes preview, and Annual #1 (confusingly, the second Annual #1 of the post-Flashpoint era).

We Are Robin Vol. 1: The Vigilante Business TP

"We are Robin, bum bada-bum bada-bum bum bum!" (I can't be the first to make that joke.) Issues #1-6 and the Convergence: New Teen Titans preview. "Robin War," collected elsewhere this month, crosses over with this title right after this trade, with issue #7.

• Robin War HC
Near as I can tell, the entire Robin War crossover collected in one book (and not multiple volumes, which is refreshing). Now whether you can read Robin War #1-2 in any other collection or if you'd have to get this for it remains to be seen ...

What are you buying this month? (War of the Gods!)

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  1. Good news: the continuation of the new, more comprehensive Superman/Batman TPBs, the inclusion of Wonder Woman #62 as an epilogue in the War of the Gods TPB and the fact that the Superman and the Justice League America TPB is now listed as "Vol. 1", implying there will be a second one.

    Not so good news: it makes no sense for the first Superman and the Justice League America TPB to end with issue #67, since it forms a two-parter with #68. Also, if the new Batman: Contagion TPB will be 464 pages long and cost US$ 34.99, then it should collect a lot more than the crossover's eleven chapters. I'm hoping it will include some post-Contagion stories in order to bridge the gap between this storyline and Legacy.

    1. Yeah, on Superman, I'm highly skeptical of those contents. On Contagion, some of the interstitial stories would be very cool and make that collection all the more valuable to me; good thought!

    2. Oh, and I forgot to comment on Batman: New Gotham, which might be the best news of all, depending on how DC will handle it. I'd like it to be just the first of many volumes collecting not only Rucka's run, but also all issues of the main Batman books between No Man's Land and Bruce Wayne: Murderer.

      But even if it only collects Rucka's Detective Comics run (which wouldn't surprise me, since Brubaker's Batman run is getting separate collections), I'll welcome it, while hoping that Grayson's Gotham Knights run gets similar treatment.

    3. Someone up there is listening to me. Sandman Mystery Theatre last time and now Rucka Batman. I wonder how they will do the collections. If it's like the Brubaker stuff it will slot in fine with the old collections. I'd hate to have to replace books since they are signed.

  2. Given the precedents it´s safe to say that the Robin War 1-2 issues won't be in any trade other than the Robin War one. Now that´s logical, though the actual best would be that the main Robin War issues(the Grayson, We Are Robin, Detective and Robin: SOB ones) are exclusive to that collection, so people wouldn't have to pay double if they get the trades of the regular series too. But, that's not gonna happen and many of us will end up paying double for the same issues in different collections

  3. Marvel: http://www.comicbookresources.com/article/marvels-february-2016-solicitations-feature-miles-morales-avengers-standoff-more

    *Squadron Supreme Classic Omnibus—I continue to be surprised and pleased by how much Marvel is banking on the success of the Squadron. This huge hardcover collects more or less every major appearance of the team, including Gruenwald’s epic, its follow-up and the Squadron’s guest-starring turn in Busiek and Perez’s “Avengers” run.

    *Secret Wars: Last Days of the Marvel Universe HC—Some of the issues here have their own trades; I already reviewed the “Loki” story. Others, like “Last Days of Ant-Man”, don’t have a specific trade designated for them. Just about all of the stories come from excellent runs.

    *X-Men ’92 Vol. 0: Warzones TP—Co-written by one of the biggest fans of/experts on the 90s “X-Men” animated series and drawn by Scott Koblish from the “Deadpool” inventory issues… no doubt I’m picking this up. It’s set to return, hence the “Volume 0” so that the next series can start a new trade numbering without confusion.

    *Siege: Battleworld TP—A great book with fantastic fight scenes and all sorts of creative uses of characters… and Filipe Andrade’s art nearly ruins the entire thing. On the other hand, it does have the best “Saga” shout-out ever put into comics, plus battle scenes drawn by artists like James Stokoe from “Godzilla: Half-Century War”.

    *Thors TPB—You might recall that my favorite Alan Moore comic is “Top 10”. Now take that book and make every single character into an incarnation of Thor, and you’ve got one of my favorite “Secret Wars” tie-ins. The trade also includes the classic Frog Thor story by Walter Simonson, which could introduce new readers to that run.

    *Civil War Reissues—The march towards Captain America 3 begins with the reissuing of over half a dozen tie-ins.

    *Captain America: Marvel Knights TP—At last, my question is answered: Marvel really will put out a trade of any comic featuring characters from the films. John Ney Rieber and Chuck Austen’s run on “Captain America” was very much a response to 9/11, and it doesn’t hold up well despite some great John Cassaday artwork. Plus, Chuck Austen. Need I say more?

    *Captain America and the Falcon Complete Collection TP—Christopher Priest’s series ran alongside the Marvel Knights series and was a lot better despite heavy editorial interference. The books together serve as an interesting look at the mid-2000s reconfiguration of Marvel.

  4. Dark Horse: http://www.comicbookresources.com/article/tomb-raider-begins-anew-fight-club-2-ends-in-dark-horses-february-2016-solicitations

    *Aliens 30th Anniversary HC—This is a black and white hardcover reprint of Mark Verheiden’s “Aliens” sequel comic, which I still consider to be one of the best stories ever told in the franchise and a good sight better than the later “Alien” films.

    *Hellboy in Mexico TP—I’m so far behind on Hellboy and the BPRD that I’ve given up any attempt to read the franchise in order. From the solicit, this looks like a collection of weirder and more fun stories revolving around HB’s adventures down south.

    IDW: http://www.comicbookresources.com/article/street-fighter-x-gi-joe-transformers-50-more-in-idws-feb-2016-solicitations

    *Godzilla in Hell TP—Featuring the brief return of James Stokoe to Godzilla (on only one issue), the King of the Monsters takes on the role of Dante the Character in the “Inferno” on a trip through the underworld. It’s such a crazy and unique idea.

    Image: http://www.comicbookresources.com/article/new-walking-dead-bitch-planet-arcs-start-in-image-comics-february-2016-solicitations

    *Not much interesting here. I did want to mention that Brandon Graham’s “Prophet” might be adapted soon, so I might have to eventually review it. (And no, it’s not Liefeld’s character at this point, in the same way that Deadpool isn’t really his character anymore either.)

    Valiant: http://www.valiantentertainment.com/2015/11/18/valiant-solicitations-for-february-2016-bloodshot-reborn-11-imperium-13-new-arc-stormbreak-part-1-x-o-manowar-44-and-more/

    *Nothing strikes me here either apart from Timewalker Vol. 3, and I still need to get the second trade.

  5. Something I spotted just tonight while perusing DC's listings on Amazon is a 9th volume of John Byrne's Man Of Steel, currently listed with a May 3, 2016 release date! I had thought we'd seen the end of this series of trades, so this is a pleasant surprise.

  6. Guys what about this:


    Is this the Omnibus we got last August broken down in 3 - 4 papers (although already released in paperbacks back in the 90's) or is it the continuation of Perez's run (issues #25 - #62)? What do you think?

    1. It's the omnibus broken down into shorter paperbacks. This one seems to be issues #1-14. They did this with New Teen Titans, too, which is very slowly making its way to the end of what's already been collected; no idea yet if it'll then collect uncollected material or not, nor with this either.

  7. What I'd like to know is why DC has never reissued "Invasion" in trade paperback form? It was one of my favorite limited series from the early 90s. I forgot who wrote it, but I clearly remember that the first issue and a half was illustrated by Todd McFarlane (during his Marvel Spiderman run, no less), Keith Giffen on the second part of the second issue), and Bart Sears on the third & final issue. All three artists turned in some stellar work, and "Invasion" was one of the best storylines written by DC at the time. In fact, it's one of the best self-contained crossovers ever. I hope DC sees fit to give Invasion the trade paperback treatment.

    1. They have -- the miniseries at least, if not the tie-ins (though a few of those are available in trade, too). DC collected the miniseries in 2008, and there's a "new edition" collection just this month: Invasion!


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