DC Future State collections coming Summer 2021

DC Comics' Summer 2021 collections solicitations should be out before the end of the year, but while we wait, we’ve got early news of the collections for DC’s upcoming Future State two-month event.

[Update: For more on Future State, visit our new dedicated Future State collections page!]

That Future State is going to be collected is not necessarily a surprise, though we now that the books will arrive from mid-June to early July 2021 and be in paperback. (Though, I wouldn’t discount the possibility of deluxe-size hardcovers or an omnibus later down the road.) All of the various Future State series are accounted for here short of Brandon Thomas and Daniel Sampere’s Future State: Aquaman, but I’m sure it’ll end up somewhere, presumably in the Justice League-themed collection.

But first, the collections of two other notable titles:

DC Comics: Generations

In hardcover, coming in June 2021, at 192 pages. That’s more than the Fractured and Shattered specials, but no word on the contents just yet.

Tales From the Dark Multiverse II

In hardcover in June 2021, this sequel collection includes Tales from the Dark Multiverse: Batman: Hush #1, Tales from the Dark Multiverse: Flashpoint #1, Tales from the Dark Multiverse: Wonder Woman: War of the Gods #1, Tales from the Dark Multiverse: Crisis on Infinite Earths #1, and Tales from the Dark Multiverse: Dark Nights Metal #1, and Wonder Woman #8 (in the right George Perez era as “War of the Gods,” but I wonder if they meant another comic), Batman #608, Flashpoint #1, Dark Nights: Metal #1, and Dollar Comics: Crisis on Infinite Earths #1 (surely there’s no reason this isn’t actually Crisis itself).

And now the listings:

Future State: Dark Detective

The solicitation compares Mariko Tamaki’s “Dark Detective” stories to 1984, showing the DC hype machine running full tilt. This book has Future State: Dark Detective #1–4 (including Grifters and Red Hood) Future State: Catwoman #1–2, Future State: Harley Quinn #1–2, Future State: Robin Eternal #1–2, and Future State: Batman/Superman #1–2.

Future State: Justice League

Collects Future State: Justice League #1–2 (with Justice League Dark), Future State: The Flash (called Future State: The Flash: Death Race here), and Future State: Green Lantern #1–2 (including Last Lanterns and Tales of the Green Lantern Corps). Again, seems like the collection where Aquaman might show up.

Future State: The Next Batman

Collects Future State: The Next Batman #1–4(including Outsiders, Arkham Knights, Batgirls, and Gotham City Sirens) and Future State: Nightwing #1–2, and the solicitation also says it collects Future State: Dark Detective #1–3, which isn’t a thing unless some of the backup stories from Dark Detective are showing up here.

Future State: Suicide Squad

Collects Future State: Suicide Squad #1–2 (including Black Adam), Future State: Teen Titans #1–2 (called Future State: Teen Titans: Dead of the Class), Future State: Shazam! #1–2 (called Future State: Shazam: The Death of William Batson), and Future State: Swamp Thing #1–2 (called Future State: Swamp Thing: Obsidian Sun).

Future State: Superman

Collects Future State: Superman of Metropolis #1–2 (including Guardian and Mister Miracle), Future State: Superman: Worlds of War #1–2 (including Midnighter, and Black Racer), Future State: Superman vs. Imperious Lex #1–2, Future State: Kara Zor-El, Superwoman #1–2, Future State: Legion of Super-Heroes #1–2 (the solicitation calls it “Legion 5000”), and Future State: House of El #1.

Future State: Wonder Woman

Including early appearances by Yara Flor (called “Maria Flor” here), in the running to headline a new “Wonder Girl” TV series. This is Future State: Wonder Woman #1–2, Future State: Superman/Wonder Woman #1–2, and Future State: Immortal Wonder Woman #1–2 (including Nubia). DC Future State collections coming Summer 2021


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