Top 10 Marvel 2017 Collections Sale Recommendations

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

[By Doug Glassman, who Tumblrs at '80s Marvel Rocks!]

The holidays are over, but Amazon/Comixology has kindly kept their immense sale on Marvel trade paperbacks going until January 2nd. This includes a lot of obscurities, older stories, and event tie-ins that might have gotten skipped over. Here’s ten recommendations of books I haven’t reviewed yet that are worth getting at such a reduced price. I’ve compiled this issue with the help of the War Rocket Ajax podcast’s "Every Story Ever" list, where they rank comics in relation to one another to some surprising results.
  1. Luke Cage, Hero for Hire Masterworks Volume 1 ($4.99): I rarely endorse getting a trade solely for one story, but you can now get the classic tale of Luke Cage flying to Latveria to get the $200 that Doctor Doom owes him plus fourteen more issues of classic blaxploitation. While the Netflix series isn’t quite the same as Luke’s original comics, they’re a ton of fun. (Amazon | Comixology)
  2. Daredevil: Born Again ($3.99): Likely the source of the upcoming third season of Netflix’s series, this is Daredevil’s '80s Marvel Epic, bringing him low only for him to rise again. It’s some of the best writing Frank Miller has ever done, and I particularly enjoy the slow but persistent escalation of stakes that really makes it a page-turner. (Amazon | Comixology)
  3. Wolverine by Claremont and Miller ($1.99): Speaking of great work by Frank Miller … It’s the book that made Wolverine the character and merchandising juggernaut he is today. Logan’s back after a few years of death (and a fantastic blockbuster movie) and two dollars is a steal for a major classic story. (Amazon | Comixology)
  4. Super-Villain Team-Up: M.O.D.O.K’S 11 ($5.99): Before there was Superior Foes of Spider-Man, there was Super-Villain Team-Up, featuring another team of minor villains alternately working together and backstabbing each other. It’s one of Fred Van Lente’s many Marvel projects which should’ve gone on longer. (Amazon | Comixology)
  5. Immortal Iron Fist Vol 1: The Last Iron Fist Story ($2.99): Don’t hold the underwhelming Netflix version against Ed Brubaker and Matt Fraction’s kung-fu epic. The David Aja artwork presages his work on Hawkeye with Fraction, while the story quickly gets so engrossing that you’ll be lucky that the other volumes are part of this sale. (Amazon | Comixology)
  6. New X-Men: E is for Extinction ($5.99): Hot on the heels of Logan’s return is Jean Grey, and Grant Morrison’s tenure on New X-Men is one place where Jean shines. Your mileage might definitely vary on the art, particularly in how Frank Quitely draws faces, but it’s a comic that still has resonance over a decade later. (Amazon | Comixology)
  7. Captain America: Man and Wolf ($7.99): This one is particularly motivated by the "Every Story Ever" list. Mark Gruenwald’s throwback to '60s comics is just about as silly as you can get while still presenting a serious comic book title, and Nick Spencer paid homage to it in one of my favorite Sam Wilson, Captain America arcs. (Amazon | Comixology)
  8. Deadpool Classic Vol. 1-5 ($4.99; $5.99 for Vol 4): For $26, you can collect the issues of Joe Kelly’s original Deadpool run. That’s a steal considering the omnibus is another $100. I loved these stories long before Deadpool became mainstream with the film and they belong in the collections of every Marvel fan. (Amazon | Comixology)
  9. She-Hulk: Single Green Female ($6.99): Before Dan Slott became the go-to Spider-Man writer, he wrote an all-time great single issue of She-Hulk in which Peter Parker sues J. Jonah Jameson for defamation. That story, plus the tale of Awesome Andy and the rules of comic book law, are all found here. (Amazon | Comixology)
  10. Runaways: Pride and Joy ($2.99): Rounding out the list is one last media tie-in. I haven’t had a chance to watch the Hulu live-action series, but it seems to be a faithful adaptation. Brian K. Vaughan and Adrian Alphona led the way for a renaissance of teenage heroes that’s still playing out with Ms. Marvel and The Champions. (Amazon | Comixology)
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