March comics prices

Thursday, March 03, 2005

Mailordercomics has their March listings up (for comics coming out in May) and so far, so good -- over half the trade paperbacks I want are fifty percent off. So far, not much on the other sites -- Dreamland Comics proclaims their March pre-orders, but I can't find many listed, and Discount Comic Book Service still has February up. Why the delay? Well, I guess it's this week is still part of February, but I hope to see some updates soon.

Used to be I compared prices every month with Mailordercomics, Dreamland, DCBS, Mile-High Comics, X-World, Lonestar Comics, and maybe one or two others, but the first three kept coming up the winners every time, so now I tend to check there first. Keep watching -- I'll list my low-price leader soon.

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  1. DCBS updates their site the first weekend of every month. So the March Previews listings should be up by Saturday.