Superman/Batman: Absolute Power hardcover revealed!

Sunday, March 13, 2005

I have it on good authority that the New Teen Titans: Who is Donna Troy trade paperback isn't the only yet-unannounced DC trade paperback coming out in June. We also get ... Superman/Batman: Absolute Power hardcover! Hey DC -- THANKS!

And that's being solicited in March, when the "Absolute Power" storyline itself only ends, I believe in April -- that is excellent response time on DC's part. (That is, as opposed to JSA: Black Reign, also to be announced tomorrow, which is more than a year after the story itself.) I'm working on a timeline of the trade paperbacks (more info to come), and I'll be keeping an eye on the trade paperback release time as we go.

Apparently, this means we get Batman: War Games Act Two, JSA: Black Reign, New Teen Titans: Who is Donna Troy, and Superman/Batman: Absolute Power HC in June, leaving the Green Lantern: Rebirth HC, Superman: The Healing Touch, and Y - The Last Man: Ring of Truth for July. Looks good!

UPDATED: Looks like Superman/Batman: Absolute Power hardcover isn't coming out until July. Wonder why DC solicited it in June, but not any of the other July trade paperbacks ... weird ...
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  1. Why is it that titles like Superman/Batman, which do very well in the monthly format get quick collections while titles that arguably need the TPB format more, like Gotham Central, linger far, far behind?

  2. Jeffrey, I agree completely. And personally, I think DC is missing a great untapped market out there by not taking some titles to "trade only" -- Gotham Central, for instance, or one in (A) even more danger and (B) less tied to the DCU, like Fallen Angel. Get a writer, an artist, and an inker, commission them to do "six months"--or six times 22 pages--of work, and then release it all at one time as a collection. Personally, I think it would sell through the roof.

    This is why I wasn't too concerned when Joe Quesada recently torpedoed original graphic novels. Because, quite frankly, an OGN is usually a very pricey 96-page hardcover -- that's about four comic books, when the recent Superman/Batman: Supergirl hardcover was six comics for about the price of an OGN. So if comics companies are willing to put down the capital to create OGNs, why not, to coin a phrase, original trade paperbacks, or OTPs? I've been told that wouldn't work due to the various royalties paid to all the creators (not to mention, why release a comic as a trade first, when you can release the issues and then the trade and double your money?), but I still think it's an interesting idea.

    And by the way, as far back as Gotham Central lingers, Catwoman lingers even farther back, and that's a well-selling title! Also toward the back of the pack is Flash. What gives?