DC's new logo and Prelude to Infinite Crisis details

Monday, May 09, 2005

So I was going to post on DC's new logo--how I do feel a little nostalgic at the loss of the old one (it's kind of like losing Batman's yellow oval. Kids these days talk about "back then, when Batman had that yellow oval." Now they'll talk about DC's old logo. It makes me feel old. And that's not good), and how at the same time I'm both pleased to see forward momentum at DC, and thrilled as punch at the positive note from DC publisher Paul Levitz, and Warner Brothers finally waking up and recognizing DC as a valuable, multi-faceted brand--and then Hovy made me crack up with his unique take on the DC logo. "Tap that," indeed. Seriously, I think this only portends good things for DC across the board, and so I'm all for it.

And can you believe everyone who was in the know kept it secret this long? That's impressive, too.

Of course, now we must ask, what'll be the first trade paperback with the new DC logo? Looks like Batman: War Games Act Two comes out the first week in June, and also New Teen Titans: Who is Donna Troy. One? Both? We'll see.

In other news, Newsarama has a late-night list of some of the comics that will cameo in Prelude to Infinite Crisis. For your reading pleasure, let me take a look at this and see what appears in what trades:

Action Comics #826 - unreleased (probably will appear in a trade of the three Superman/Captain Marvel/Eclipso issues)
Superman #216 - unreleased (ditto)
Adventures of Superman #630 - Superman: Unconventional Warfare
Adventures of Superman #638 - Superman: That Healing Touch
Superman/Batman #6 - Superman/Batman: Public Enemies
Green Lantern: Rebirth #4 - unreleased (will appear in Green Lantern: Rebirth hardcover)
Titans/Young Justice Graduation Day - collected in trade
Teen Titans #18 - unreleased (undoubtedly in a future Teen Titans trade)
Teen Titans #19 - unreleased (ditto)
Teen Titans #21 - unreleased (ditto)
Teen Titans #23 - unreleased (ditto)
JSA #58 - JSA: Black Reign (forthcoming)
JSA #70 - unreleased (undoubtedly in a future JSA trade)
JSA #72 - unreleased (undoubtedly in a future JSA trade)
Robin #135 - unreleased (hopefully will appear in a trade after Batman: War Games)
Outsiders #21 - unreleased (most likely in a future Outsiders trade)
Outsiders #22 - unreleased (most likely in a future Outsiders trade)
Manhunter #6 - Manhunter: Street Justice (forthcoming)
Aquaman #29 - unreleased (will we ever see another Aquaman trade?)
Birds of Prey #80 - unreleased (most likely in a future Birds of Prey trade)
Adam Strange #8 - unreleased (most likely in a future Adam Strange trade)

A couple of these I think are definite, some I think are only "most likely." I'm excited either way ... what do you think? (And hey, feel free to link to this list on any message boards you might frequent if you're feeling generous!)
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  1. Manhunter #6? But isn't the Manhunter trade collecting just the first five issues? Sheesh. I'm also surprised they're not including AoS #636, which I believe was where Luthor made his big return since S/B #6 (unless it happened somewhere else), and hinted at the fracturing of the Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman trinity.

    Incidentally, I remember an entry you made about Hawkman: Wings of Fury, and some reference to Identity Crisis (my memory's foggy). What happened to that?

  2. Does the Manhunter trade only go up to issue 5? Oh, well. I guess that means that either we'll see issue 6 in the next trade as well as in Prelude, or if Manhunter doesn't make it that long then Prelude will give us one extra collected Manhunter page.

    Yeah, I had a post about Hawkman: Wings of Fury mentioning the Identity Crisis art team, but it turns out that I was wrong and it wasn't the first Identity Crisis mention on the back of a trade (Green Arrow: City Walls mentions Identity Crisis, too), so I just took it off.

    Thanks for your comment!