Two new Gotham Central trades planned

Sunday, May 29, 2005

As the new Gotham Central trade is currently winging its way toward me, I got wind of this over at Ninth Art and then found it confirmed on the DC Comics message board. I can't find the Comic Book Resources article about Greg Rucka that this quote from, but here's a reported quote:

Readers looking to catch up on "Gotham Central" stories they missed will get a chance. "The 'Half a Life' trade is coming out in a month or so," Rucka explained. "That's actually kind of cool. What they're doing is taking the first Montoya/Two-Face story I did way back in 'Batman Chronicles' and they're taking 'Detective Comics' #747, which was another Harvey/Renee story, the birthday story, and those are going to be in the same collection. So, you see sort of the progression into 'Half a Life.' Then the collection for 'Unresolved' and 'Soft Targets' is being assembled as well. So there are two more trades in the works. The first trade sold very well. So the hope is that the second and third will and that will lead to a fourth and fifth because Ed, Michael, and I have been going, 'Trade these! Trade these! People will read them in trades.'"
So there you go. Two more Gotham Central trades in the works. Yay! You heard it here first, unless you heard it somewhere else.
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    More Rucka goodness.

  2. There were a few issues left out of the first two trades...these should be collected somewhere too.
    Trades should collect the entire series, not just individual storylines, especially when it comes to series like Gotham Central.

  3. A few issues left out of the first two Gotham Central trades? Near as I can tell, In the Line of Duty and Half a Life contain the entirety of issues one through ten. Are there parts missing, a la Superman/Batman: Public Enemies?

  4. or maybe the missing issues are between the second and upcoming third trade...can't remember but Brubaker, Lark or somebody mentioned this on teh DC message boards. He said that htey may or may not be collected.

  5. I think I kind of remember this now ... is issue 11 going to be left out, the Stacey/Bat-signal issue?

    Remember kids--just say NO to issues being left out of trades!