Assorted odds and ends for August 18, 2005


Collected Editions is considering doing something a little crazy, a little nutty ... yes, ladies and gentlemen, it seems to me that with trade paperbacks of Day of Vengence, The OMAC Project, The Rann-Thanagar War, and Villains United coming out in November and December, that more or less clears the way for reading Infinite Crisis in issue form come late December/early January. Now, I know it won't be perfect--there'll be certain parts of Superman, Titans, Return of Donna Troy, JSA and others that I won't have read. But I'm kind of thinking, I'll have just enough information at that point to read and understand Infinite Crisis, and I won't have to avoid the Internet for seven months in order to escape the spoilers. So come January, keep an eye out ... we'll have all the trade paperback news and reviews you've grown to love ... and Infinite Crisis.


If you haven't already, check out Bob Greenberger's blog, where Bob has been nice enough to answer a bevy of questions, mostly regarding DC's trade paperback program. Some of the later questions are mine; I thought his mention that lettering is mostly digital now, explaining the ease in removing writer/artist credits from individual issues now, was especially fascinating. All in all, this was a darn nice thing for Bob to do--maybe drop him a line over at his blog and tell him thanks.


Most people have probably already seen this, but DC announced that they're rush soliciting the Superman/Batman: Supergirl trade paperback to coincide with the new Supergirl series. That DC can rush solicit something is interesting--maybe a topic for another time.


JSA: Black Reign review to come later this week. See you then!

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  1. This is an interesting answer in response to more Gotham Central / Wonder Woman trades by Rucka:
    There will be more volumes from both of those titles.

  2. If you stick to the Countdown miniseries alone and STILL can't understand Infinite Crisis, then I'd say DC failed spectacularly in making IC reader friendly. Me, I'm sticking with VU and OMAC alone purely out of principal (and I enjoy them far more than the other two) - if I read a book that demands I read another book to figure out what's going on, I'd just shrug and put it back and read spoilers on the Net. Or better yet, I'd stick to Vertigo.

    Actually, here's an idea. If you haven't read the Countdown books, pick up IC #1 when it comes out and read it, then tell us if you could make out heads or tails out of it. I know that you'd prefer to wait for the Countdown TPBs, but this is probably the best way to gauge whether a book is reader friendly. If it isn't, I say stuff DC (and I'm a DC guy).

  3. Anon -- Yeah, that is good news. To me, Wonder Woman wasn't really in doubt, but Gotham Central is nice to hear, though I think Hovy and others have pretty much confirmed that we'll see it. Here's hoping.

    Jeffrey -- Man, that's such a wacky idea. It would mean I'd most likely end up spoiling the Countdown miniseries for myself, but man ... that really is an interesting idea. Let me give it a qualified maybe, but you've definitely got me thinking about it.


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