DC Countdown trades: Bob Wayne at Wizard World Chicago

Sunday, August 07, 2005

While I don't recommend reading Newsarama's report on the Crisis Counseling session at Wizard World Chicago if you don't want some of the lead-in to Infinite Crisis spoiled, I have skimmed it and picked up this little tidbit regarding trades of the Countdown to Infinite Crisis miniseries from DC's VP of Sales Bob Wayne:

Speaking of how the Countdown miniseries and other associated issues leading to Infinite Crisis will be collected, Wayne said that they will be collected in the coming months, and plans will be announced shortly. Speaking directly to a collection of the recent “Sacrifice” arc which ran through the Superman titles and Wonder Woman #219, and why the company opted to return to press on the four parts of the story rather than rushing a trade collection to press, Wayne said that reprinting the individual issues was the fastest way DC could get the material back on shelves and into people’s hands.

"Collected in the coming months." Woo-hoo! You heard it here first ... er, from the fine people at Newsarama!

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