Batman: War Crimes TP preview


I've got to start visiting James Jean's website more often. As found on Gotham Lounge, Jean has posted the cover to the forthcoming Batman: War Crimes trade paperback, which hopefully collects not only the four-part "War Crimes," but also the "War Games" epilogue issues and the Batman Allies Secret Files story. Here's hoping!

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  1. James Jean is great, but I'm surprised he's the one doing the cover for the TPB. Wasn't Jock the one who did the all the covers for all the Bat-related issues involved in the crossover?

  2. Dunno. But Jean did the covers for the War Games trade paperbacks, so maybe it's consistency that way. Is Jean also doing the covers for 52*, or is that someone else?

  3. Naw, that's J.G. Jones.


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