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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Dan DiDio discusses the Countdown to Infinite Crisis Infinite Crisis one-shots (or the CICICOS, as we should call them) over at Newsarama, including this little nugget:

And yes, DiDio knows that figuring out the battle plans for Infinite Crisis and all its various lead-ups and ties ins’ trade collections is looking like a nightmare. Thing is, DiDio said with a laugh, is that it’s not his nightmare.

“Yeah, the guys in Collected Editions want to kill me. Thing is, I’m approaching this story the same way we approached things before there were collected editions to worry about. It’s the same problem hey run into when they try to figure out how to collect comics that were done in the ‘60s and ‘70s in regards to a trade. Stories in those days weren’t clearly wrapped up – there were subplots and things sometimes didn’t fit into nice, neat packages.

“I’m worried about doing the best comics, and I figure it can be collected as things move forward. These are good problems to have though. I want to make sure that everyone is excited about what’s coming out at that moment, and we’ll make sure that everything of importance is collected somewhere down the line. Honestly, we did give this a lot of thought, but in the end, I didn’t want collected editions driving the way the story will be told.”

And no, I'm not going to rampage at DiDio for knocking the trades. As he said, they'll make sure everything of importance is collected, and there will be trades of these specials eventually, I'm sure. Besides, a few dozen angry fans have already replied to the Newsarama topic anyway, though, kids, I'd swear we already knew about this.


Over at the Pipeline, Augie De Blieck has a review of Superman/Batman: Absolute Power. Looked good, so I thought I'd mention.


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  1. This blog rocks! Awesome! I waste so much time trying to find what you have compiled here. This is very, very cool! Thanks a ton! I love the speculation about upcoming trades and the info about the trades which are coming out soon. This is a great way to follow titles in tpb. Awesome!