DC Comics solicitations for January 2006


I'm sure everyone's seen the DC solicitations for January 2006. And along with all the other trades already discussed here, DC's also announced the five part JLA: Crisis of Conscience, making the solicitations once again worth waiting for. And with Donna Troy (hopefully) still in February, DC further closes the trade gap between Identity and Infinite Crises. Good stuff all around.

Bugger, though, that Superman: Sacrifice is still missing Superman #217. We'll have to see about that one.

JLA: Syndicate Rules review coming in a day or so. Cheers all.

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  1. You won't miss anything by not getting Superman #217, trust me. That issue and Action Comics #829 make each other redundant.

  2. Just dropping a note saying that I'm enjoying your blog...I'm a fellow former comic book junkie who's now relegated himself to catching it all in the TPBs via the library and local bookstores...

    good to know I'm not alone...

  3. Jeff -- is Action #829 part of "Sacrifice?" And it makes Superman #217 redundant? Weird.

    phschemguy -- Thanks for the kind words. If I review a trade here that you've read, let me know your thoughts!

  4. They basically repeat the same story, but with different characters and settings. It's to emphasise Superman's disorientation, and it works. But like I said, you won't miss anything: I was overseas when the bookshit, and when I came back Superman #217 was sold out in all four comic stores I know of in Melbourne (I even took a train to half of them), and I managed to grab the last copy of Action (the store owner said he swore he saw one last copy of Superman half an hour before I got there). I understood the story just fine - in fact, it's possible to bypass those issues entirely and start with Adventures.


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