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Over at Newsarama, DC Comics President and Publisher Paul Levitz talked about his upcoming six-issue stint on JSA, including this paragraph:

And of course, there’s one other benefit that the Paul Levitz of 25 years ago never envisioned: the readily available trade paperback collection of the completed story arc. “Knowing that this will come out in trade is a hoot—I’ve only had one trade paperback done of my writing from the old days, in fact. We’re scheduled to do a second, Justice Society book next year, thanks to all of the recent interest in Power Girl. But seeing this in trade paperback is something I’m looking forward to.”
There's a confusing comma in there between "second" and "Justice," such that I'm not sure if he's saying there will be two JSA trades next year, or if there will be a second JSA title next year, or if there will be a Power Girl title next year, but at least, he's saying that his own six issues will appear in trade. Not that JSA trades were ever considered an endangered species, but it's nice to see it anyway.

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  1. I thought it was interesting that the President and Publisher of DC Comics would outrightly say that there will definitely be a trade of his run before it even starts. Not that it wasn't a given before, but I've noticed that DC has been reluctant to talk about which stories will be collected, sometimes even after a particular run is over. If they were afraid that people might not buy the monthlies if they knew a TPB was coming out, something's clearly changed their minds.

  2. As far as the second trade he's referring to, it's the second trade of his old stuff, which has garnered interest because of the recent attention Power Girl has gotten.

  3. Jeffrey - Yes, and from what I understand, DC has their retailer meeting this weekend, such that I wonder if we'll hear some TPB announcements from there, too.

    Anon - So the first trade of Levitz's writing was Legion: The Great Darkness Saga? Or something else? What do you think will be in this new Justice Society trade?

  4. I agree with anonymous -- I think the interview was saying that Paul Levitz only has one trade paperback of his work. They're scheduled to a second trade of HIS stuff - "with all of the interest in Power Girl."

    So they're probably reprinting some of Levitz's JSA work from the 1970s that introduced Power Girl.

  5. I believe he was referring to All Star Comics #58-74. I was hoping those would be archived to go with the prior All Star Archives.


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