Justice to be collected in three trades


The recent Wizard #172 reveals that DC plans to release Alex Ross's Justice mini-series in three four-issue trades. Ross's first wrap-around cover features the heroes, the second features the villains, while the third shows the heroes "preparing for battle in new armored costumes designed by Ross." So there you go. I imagine we'll see a 2006 release for one volume, at least.

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  1. That seems just a little bit "cash-grabby" of DC... 2 tpbs I could understand, but three?

    Oh, and count me among those concerned about the phrase "new armored costumes designed by Ross". Mighty DC Megamorphs, anyone? I don't really think kewl techarmour is what the bulk of Ross fans are looking for in Justice.

  2. I'm sure greed is playing a part in their decision, but I'm wondering if they're counting on readers to jump onto the single issues after reading the trades (like Walking Dead, etc.). The book won't be finished for almost two years after all.

    I won't be surprised to see an Absolute version of this down the road.


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