Cheers and jeers for Feb. 20, 2006


Cheers to DC for publishing the Seven Soldiers of Victory trades with the issues listed in publication order. I know this was a controversial move, and that lots of people wanted to see the mini-serieses all together, but when you consider all the confusion we have trying to read the strangely piecemeal Superman: The Journey, Superman: Sacrifice, and Superman: Strange Attractors (not that I'm not glad to see those trades out, because I am), it's nice that we can read Seven Soldiers as if it were monthly, but still in a trade form.

Jeers to DC for cutting the last page of Gotham Knights #66 in the Batman: Hush Returns trade paperback. Without spoiling much, that page tied in to both JSA and Infinite Crisis, and it seemed to me one of the best reasons to include issue 66 in the trade at all. I was much disappointed not to see it there (serves me right for flipping to the back of the trade first).

Have a good night.

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  1. What I find myself wondering is just how DC is going to deal with all the Crisis tie-ins in trade form. We've heard tell of how at least one future trade (I'm thinking an Outsiders one?) will include various bits and pieces from relevent issues of other titles, but when small scenes from issues of IC are fleshed out in single issues of other titles (ie, Teen Titans and the Superboy fight or Nightwing and the Bludhaven incident), I dont think I'd be against a whole trade of tie-in issues (sort of like Marvel's "World of M" House of M trade). As well, I wonder about how issues like the the various Countdown mini Special Issues will be collected. Well, just a bit o' useless rambling from me...

    PS: I totally agree with the Seven Soldiers idea of collecting in published (chronological?) order. The whole thing's supposed to be a single story, and reading it in separate trades by series would be too disjointed.

  2. How do I contact you? I've got some ideas for next year's trades!

  3. I know this hasn't got anything to do with Infinite Crisis... But, do you know if there's an The Exterminators TPB scheduled? They anounced Loveless,DMZ and Testament, but no word abou The Exterminators... And, do you know if it's a maxi-series (like 15 issues or so)? I wonder if I should buy the floppies...

  4. Tariq -- Unfortunately, Prelude doesn't have that Gotham Knights page. We wuz robbed, I tells you!

    Ferrao -- Don't know about Exterminators, though a whole lot of Vertigo ends up in trade these days.

    Anon -- Stick around ... the Collected Editions predictions for the rest of the year should be up around the middle of March, and then you can post your own guesses in reply!

    Thanks all for commenting.

  5. Is there anyway I can contact you?

  6. You guys are gonna have to spoil me: what happened on this missing page of Gotham Knights? Did it have something to do with Kobra? And speaking of Kobra (though admittedly in a tangental way), I wonder if DC's even considering a "Breach" trade...

  7. cmoney -- From what I can gather, Prometheus' key disappears, and on the last page you see an empty case, then a flash of light, then the key materializes ... and then Ma Hunkle, in the JSA headquarters, remarks that she doesn't remember seeing it before. A box notes that the story is "To Be Continued ... in JSA Classified." So whether that's an Infinite Crisis lead-in or not, I'm not sure, but it's still a bummer that they cut it out.

    anon -- Working on getting an email for us (it's tougher than it looks!). Will let you know. But remember, if you have trade predictions for the rest of 2006, wait for the Collected Editions post in mid-March, and then fire away!

  8. What day in March have you chosen for a rundown of next year's trades?


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