Odds and ends for Monday, April 24

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Haven't noted it in a while, but there's been a couple updates to the trade paperback timeline lately, and more to come.


With help from Mike Sterling at Progressive Ruin, we come to find that while Outsiders: Crisis Intervention was advertised as including "select scenes from various DCU books" showing Donna Troy's recruitment drive, the only item additionally included are pages from Firestorm #19. Which is suprising, but ultimately better than nothing, as really most of the other appearances of Donna Troy are already collected in other volumes, as such: Teen Titans #29-30 (Teen Titans: Life and Death), Outsiders #30-31 (Outsiders: Crisis Intervention), JLA #122-123 (JLA: World Without a Justice League), Superman #223 (Superman: The Journey), Wonder Woman #222 (Wonder Woman: Mission's End), JSA #77 (to be collected).


Meanwhile, Mike's revelation of differences between Outsiders #30 and the Outsiders: Crisis Intervention trade paperback has quickly made the big time, as it was picked up this weekend by Blair Marnell's All the Rage.* Personally, while I don't mind DC fixing continuity mistakes from the monthlies to the trades, a la Superman/Batman: Public Enemies (though that missing page still smarts), I find it somewhat offensive to think that DC would use their trade program to "clean up" dialogue or images already printed in the monthlies. Now, I'm no glutton for the gross-out, but to think that trade paperbacks represent the "corporate censored" version of regular comic books would, over the long run, anesthetize or in some way cheapen the value of trade paperbacks. If I recall correctly, DC also did this with a second printing of one of the Infinite Crisis issues, where poor Superboy's language was also cleaned up. It's a slippery slope, kids.

* Does anyone else find the Conditions of Entry page for All the Rage kind of annoying? I mean, Lying in the Gutters doesn't have one. When we go to read All the Rage, we know it's just rumors, and furthermore, clicking the little button isn't going to keep any rampaging fanboy from repeating the rumors as truth if they see fit. Not that it's a giant deal, but the more clicky buttons you can cut out of your life, the better.

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  1. Thanks for the news about the Outsiders censorship, still can't believe it's happened again to this series!

    On a related note, what exactly was censored/changed in the Infinite Crisis issue(s)?


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