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So I'm looking for a new comics shop from which to pre-order my trade paperbacks. Discount Comic Books Service (or DCBS) has great discounts, though their shipping rates are a little high; Mail Order Comics is also good for a bargain every once in a while. Can anyone suggest more? It seems quite a few are going under these days.


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  1. AnonymousJuly 21, 2006

    I get all of my comics and trades from www.wwillie.com. You get a 20% discount on new orders and shipping rates are reasonable as you get everything for the previous month at the same time.

  2. visioncomix.com. Has been my comic book dealer since 2004 and has gotten me great deals on tpbs and HCs. The service is friendly and all my books arrive in great shape.

    If you do end up ordering from them, tell Adam that Jason sent you.


  3. I can't recommend Mailordercomics enough. Things are packed very well, and the few times that there has been an error (and they are few), they have gone out of their way to make it right as quickly as possible.

    the discounts aren't as good as they make it sound (are they ever?), but I'm saving a ton of money each month buying from them.

  4. Thanks all for the suggestions. I like mailordercomics.com, too, and I'll check out the others. Any more?

  5. I've used a combination of Mailordercomics.com and Buy.com or Amazon.com for indy stuff. By doing that, I've saved about 35% off my order. I do like using MOC for items like the Absolute books and Marvel hardcovers; they do a much better job of shipping than I could trust Buy or Amazon to do.


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