One Year Later Insignia on OYL trades?


I just saw a cover shot of this week's Batman: Face the Face, and contrary to my expectations, it doesn't sport the "One Year Later" circle. However, I'm only looking at the front, not the back. Has anyone seen this, and is there any "One Year Later" notice to be found?

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  1. Only in the copyright page, the one with the legal disclaimer and printing history. There's even a blurb explaining the OYL concept. You'd think they'd put that sort of thing in the back cover. (Incidentally, Bob Harras is listed as editor of the TPB.)

    The worst offence is that a key plot point is spoiled on that same page. And I could be wrong, but the paper quality for the TPB is worse than the single issues, making some of the night scenes virtually indecipherable. God I hope Up Up and Away gets better treatment...

  2. Yeah, I just picked up the trade and was surprised by how dark the pages are. Some of them are wrinkly because there is so much ink on them (page 88 is almost worthless) while this week's issue of 'Tec is on nice glossy paper.

    I guess thin paper was their solution to selling 8 issues' worth at $15, but for a story with so much black ink it was a bad idea.

  3. Hmm ... that stinks about the paper quality.

    So Jeffrey, would you recommend not reading the OYL blurb until after reading the trade (is that where the plot point is spoiled)?

    Thanks all for your comments.

  4. It's not the blurb that spoils the story. It's an image from late in the comic that they used that spoils it. Kind of like the decision to use [100 BULLETS SPOILER WARNING] Lono's face on the title page of 100 Bullets vol.7, even though his appearance is meant to be a shock.

  5. I really wanted to like this particular Batman story, since James Robinson's work on Starman was especially enjoyable. The unfortunate thing is that one of big revelations here rely heavily on the story from 'Arkham Asylum: Living Hell', which is a good book IMHO, but is probably one that not many have read. So I'd recommend picking that one up first, before reading 'Face the Face'.


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