Trade Perspectives: Marvel announces Civil War trades checklist


Not to turn this blog too Marvel-centric lately, but Newsarama's got a press release on Marvel's Civil War trades checklist. What a seriously brilliant idea! Followers of Collected Editions know we've been counting down the Infinite Crisis crossover trades for you, and the Identity Crisis ones before that, but there's never been anything this formal--now Marvel trade fans can feel like they're part of the crossover, in trade form. Any chance DC will do the same with their next big event?

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  1. Wow. That's... that's a big list. Just looking at it is making me nauseous.

  2. It all depends, of course, on how deeply into the story you care to delve. The main book is likely all you REALLY need, and maybe Front Line. The Amazing Spider-Man trade is where the bulk of the fallout from CW #2 is explored, but otherwise, it's basically a case of which characters you like and want to see more specific fallout for. If you don't care for Thunderbolts or Ms. Marvel, you're not really missing anything in the main tale by not delving into their respective tie-in trades. I, however, have already got the majority of them pre-ordered through DCBS. :)


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