52 trade paperback and Companion news (DC Comics)

May 17, 2007


This morning Newsarama's released DC's new cover for the 52, Volume 1 trade, seen at right. While more of a hodge-podge image (in a good way) than a scene from the trade, I find the cover reminiscent of scenes from Infinite Crisis, and the Entertainment Weekly blurb at the top doesn't hurt, either.

DC has also announced two other 52 trades, coming in August: 52: The Covers hardcover, at $19.95, and a 52: The Companion trade paperback, at $19.99. I'm surprised to see the covers hardcover so early, but there you go. As for 52: The Companion, it contains the following (with my explanation of the issue in bold): MYSTERIOUS SUSPENSE #1, (a Charlton Comic featuring the Question's first solo debut) GOTHAM CENTRAL #40 (Renee Montoya's last issue before 52, also found in Gotham Central: Dean Robin), ANIMAL MAN #16 (Animal Man with Ralph Dibney and other members of Justice League Europe), METAL MEN #45 (a significant issue for the Metal Men's creator, Doctor Magus), SUPERMAN: THE MAN OF STEEL #97 (a Steel issue by the great Mark Schultz, Doug Mahnke and Tom Nguyen team), RIP HUNTER: TIME MASTER #6 (a time travelling Rip Hunter adventure; anyone know more?), JSA #43-44 (time-travelling JSA story that looks at Black Adams origins; also found in JSA: Savage Times), and stories from DETECTIVE COMICS #350 (I'm betting the Elongated Man story), STRANGE ADVENTURES #226 (Adam Strange story), SECRET ORIGINS #35 (Booster Gold origin).

I love these "old-with-the-new" trades DC's done lately (Power Girl and Superman: Back in Action for two), so I'm quite excited about this 52 companion.

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  1. AnonymousMay 18, 2007

    I really like the idea behind this 52 Companion thing.

  2. I found the Rip Hunter issue on ebay. Looks like an adventure in Ancient Rome involving a "seer". Maybe this is the best written story, or maybe this one inspired one of the 52 writers. It probably portrayed the characters more strongly than the first five issues.

    But all I can say is WOW! What a collection. And I didn't even like 52. But this makes it worth it.


  3. Ty -- Thanks for stopping by (and cmoney, as always!). Some of the issues we're less sure about, it'll be interesting to see once the 52 Companion comes out, whether we can discern why they were chosen. You'll see a review here on Collected Editions, don't doubt.


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