Infinite Crisis crossover trade reviews wrap-up


Deep breath and a sigh ... so concludes Collected Editions' reading of DC's Infinite Crisis crossover trade paperbacks.

As with our reading of the Identity Crisis crossover trades, we have tried to read these for the most part in order, and presented them as such here and at our DC TPB Timeline. In case you missed any, please find below a list of Collected Editions' Infinite Crisis crossover trade reviews, in order, beginning with the Countdown to Infinite Crisis crossover trades:

Adam Strange: Planet Heist
Green Lantern: Rebirth

Teen Titans/Outsiders: The Insiders

Countdown to Infinite Crisis
OMAC Project

Batman: Under the Hood

Day of Vengeance
JSA: Black Vengeance

Robin: To Kill a Bird

Villains United

Flash: Rogue War

Robin: Days of Fire and Madness
Nightwing: Mobbed Up
Birds of Prey: The Battle Within
Batman: War Crimes

Green Lantern: No Fear
Hawkman: Rise of the Golden Eagle
Rann-Thanagar War
Green Lantern Corps: Recharge

Supergirl: Power
Power Girl
Superman/Batman: Vengeance

Teen Titans/Outsiders: The Death and Return of Donna Troy

JLA: Crisis of Conscience

Infinite Crisis
Infinite Crisis Companion
Infinite Crisis #1
Infinite Crisis #2
Infinite Crisis #3
Infinite Crisis #4
Infinite Crisis #5
Infinite Crisis #6
Infinite Crisis #7

JLA: World Without a Justice League

Green Arrow: Heading into the Light

JSA: Mixed Signals

Batgirl: Destruction's Daughter

Wonder Woman: Mission's End

Superman: The Journey
Superman: Ruin Revealed
Superman: Strange Attractors
Superman: Sacrifice

Superman: Infinite Crisis

Batman: Under the Hood Volume 2

Nightwing: Renegade

Outsiders: Crisis Intervention

Teen Titans: Life and Death

Seven Soldiers of Victory Volume 1
Seven Soldiers of Victory Volume 2
Seven Soldiers of Victory Volume 3
Seven Soldiers of Victory Volume 4

Lest you think Collected Editions is about to rest on its haunches, get ready! In the next little while we'll have a bunch of non-mainstream DC reviews, including some Vertigo trades, and then we jump right back into the DC Universe with the "One Year Later" trades. No rest for the weary! Stay tuned, and thanks for reading!

QUICK POLL: What was your favorite Infinite Crisis crossover trade?

Comments ( 2 )

  1. Given that the Seven Soldiers stories include the origins of various of the characters in them, wouldn't they more or less have to fall prior to the Crisis?

    Also, the characterisation of Zatanna - who appears a lot more together during the Crisis and shortly before it (in JLA, for example) suggests that the Crisis occurs after her reacquisition of faith in herself during Seven Soldiers.

    (For that matter, didn't Morrison state that that was the case somewhere?)

  2. Loki --

    I know what you mean, and the fact that Morrison did state elsewhere that he thought the series took place the week before Infinite Crisis does carry a lot of weight. But I think Morrison said that early on, and the deciding factor for me was that the end of Seven Soldiers (that is, Seven Soldiers #1) takes place during the Metropolis battle in Infinite Crisis #7.

    Since I've organized the Infinite Crisis crossover trades on the timeline such that they appear in the order in which they latest cross over with Infinite Crisis (Batgirl: Destruction's Daughter, for instance, crosses over with Infinite Crisis #4, and Wonder Woman: Mission's End crosses over with Infinite Crisis #3 and #5, so Wonder Woman comes after Batgirl), that puts Seven Soldiers at the end of the crossover trades, after even Teen Titans: Life & Death.

    You're right about the origins, though, and chances are I could put some of the Seven Soldiers volumes earlier, and then leave the last Seven Soldiers volume where it is, but in terms of readability, I just think all four trades have to be read together. So to the very end they go, just before 52.

    That was my thinking, at least. But I appreciate your input and your interest in the timeline. Thanks much.


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