Announcing ... the Trade Paperback Slugfest!


Announcing ... the Trade Paperback Slugfest!

Who? What? Where? Why? Well, why not? One day amidst the stacks of trade paperbacks, it hit me--what was the best trade paperback I've read so far this year? Last year? Collected Editions has no way really to keep track of the best of the best ... until now.

It's the Trade Paperback Slugfest, and it's simple. Now, at the end of every trade paperback review (or when the mood strikes us), you'll see a Slugfest--a quick evaluation of whether this trade paperback is better than the last one we read. If the last trade paperback is better than the current one, it moves on to the next round; if the current one is better, we'll have a new winner!

Every once in a while we'll check in on the statistics; maybe the future will hold a bracket system? The Trade Paperback Slugfest -- just another way Collected Editions makes your wait for trade a little easier!

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  1. First up, All-New Atom versus Captain Atom: Armageddon! Check it out on Monday.


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