Even more DC Comics 2008 trade paperback solicitations

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Hey, everyone! Even more DC Comics trade paperback solicitations for 2008, and some of these are doozies! As follows:

* Supergirl and The Legion of Super-Heroes: The Quest for Cosmic Boy
Collects Tony Bedard's first story arc on the series, issues #32-36.

* Batman Lovers and Madmen
A Batman: Confidential collection by Heroes writer Michael Green.

* Superman/Batman: Torment
Collects Superman/Batman #37-42 by Alan Burnett. But what happened to Mark Verheiden's three part Metal Men story in issues #34-36? Hopefully we'll see this in a Metal Men trade.

* The Question: Poisoned Ground
The next collection of Dennis O'Neil's run on The Question.

* JLA Presents Aztek: The Ultimate Man
We've been saying it here at Collected Editions forever, and now here you go. A collected edition of Grant Morrison's Aztek: The Ultimate Man. Can JSA Presents Hourman by Tom Peyer be far behind?

* Captain Carrot and the Final Ark
Which is to say, a collected edition is right around the corner.

* Justice Society of America: Thy Kingdom Come
Collecting the next Justice Society storyline after "Lightning Saga."

* Green Arrow: Year One
The Andy Diggle mini-series, in hardcover.

* Wildstorm: Armageddon
Because the universe will never be the same. We swear this time. Promise. (Though, after the great Captain Atom: Armageddon, I might just pick this up.)

So what (Aztek) will you be picking up (Aztek)? Drop a comment and let us know!
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  1. Where is the source? I can't find it in the official site nor newsarama or comicbookresources.

    Dude i'm all fired up about aztek!

  2. I will pick up Aztek ;D and Justice Society for sure.

    I'm in doubt with Green Arrow: Year One and The Question. What do you think about these?

    Regards from Spain.

  3. The Question trades go on my permanent Christmas list -- can't afford with everything else to buy them for myself, but I'd love 'em as gifts. On Green Arrow: Year One, I'm definitely waiting for the paperback, at least (and then it may still go on the Christmas list). Doesn't have enough of a direct tie to continuity for me to buy in hardcover.

    Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Well, I own the whole Aztek run, but that would have been my pick if not!