DC Comics Solicitations for February 2008 - Booster Gold, Superman

Monday, November 19, 2007

Not too much that we didn't already know in the solicitations today ... the Legends of the DC Universe issue in the Superman: 3-2-1 Action trade paperback is a Jimmy Olsen/Cadmus Project tribute story; Showcase Presents Booster Gold does indeed collect the entire twenty-five issue series, plus an Action Comics crossover issue (though I'm amazed these ComicBloc posters didn't know the book was coming ...).

What's on your pick list for this month?
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  1. Booster Gold Showcase, YAY! Mind you, it wasn't very good. BG only became a fan favourite when he was included in the post-LEGENDS Justice League.

    You're not back from NaNoWriMo yet, are you?

  2. I am going to pick JSofA: Thy kingdom come and Lobo: Portrait of a bastich. I will wait to tpb to buy Green Arrow: Year one.

  3. JLE -- I'm with you on the Green Arrow. Are those Lobos good? Are they the first ones?

    Khairul -- I hear you on Booster Gold. In a way this Booster resurgence is very funny, since I think he wasn't that popular of a character way back when. If anything, for all those out there who think Didio ruined the Giffen League, I think the death of Ted Kord may very well have signaled the popular rebirth of Booster Gold.

    NaNo? *snort* No, I wish. I did just pass 40,000 words, though, so I think I'm ahead. Trying to finish a little early, if possible. You writing?

  4. You writing?

    Hah! No. I'm not a writer (which you can surmise if you read my blog). Naw, just curious...'cause you know you said there'll be guest bloggers while you're busy. I like the stuff they brought here to review. Piqued my interest.

  5. All I can say it is this: "WOO HOO! Booster Gold here I come!"

  6. Are those Lobos good? Are they the first ones?

    Yeah, those Lobos are the first two miniseries after Legion. They were good for me, so if you like Lobo, fragged violence and those kind of things, pick 'em. I would like DC also bring back Lobo infanticide and Lobo: Paramilitary Xmas Special.

  7. Did Lobo premiere in L.E.G.I.O.N.?

  8. >>Did Lobo premiere in L.E.G.I.O.N.?

  9. Amazing. I wonder if they had any idea how Lobo would take off from there ...

    Now L.E.G.I.O.N., there's something I'd like to see collected.