Wizard Magazine on DC Comics Violence


Just a quick post (I'm NaNoWriMoing, I swear!), but does anyone else find this list of DC Comics' 25 Grisliest Moments somewhat in poor taste? I mean, whether DC was right or wrong on some of these is debatable, but for Wizard to compile a list of them? Was this a Halloween thing, or does someone at Wizard just have a taste for the macabe?

Wizard's had plenty of controversy lately, and I can't imagine this really helps anything.

OK, back to novel-writing. Apparently there's going to be an announcement at Wizard World Texas today about the upcoming Starman: The Complete Saga; if anything notable comes out, look for commentary here.


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  1. Wizard has done Top 10 and Top 25 and Top Whatever lists like that for quite a number of years. They did something like this for both companies once, as well, so the list isn't really anything controversial.

    Then again, Wizard has shot themselves in the foot a few times already.


  2. Yeah, I just think, if they can do a Top 25 list like that, they can do a Top 25 list of Why Comics Are Great, or something. Seems sad Wizard would write it, and sad they'd think anyone would care.


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